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So will Stegodeus get Armor Piercing Rampage back?

From the 1.5.23 update:

Some tanks lose access to Armor Piercing abilities.
Tanks are supposed to be excellent against fast creatures, let’s keep these creature’s focus in that direction.

I miss the days I didn’t have to deal with a tank breaking my shield… But seriously, if we’re ignoring this statement now, can Stegodeus at least have it back? APR isn’t even as bad as DSR anyway.


I didn’t get to use it when it had that move. Stegodeus is a great creature and it needs some sort of buff. A counter attack or the DSR would be great.


I did. I made me dread Deus big time. Loved it when it was me, hated it when it was used against me. xD

It was very powerful back then. Unsure if I want it back to those glory days, because it still is powerful, just not as powerful as it would going through armor.

It could get it and maybe it does need a little buff. I remember it was the SS back in the day that cleansed it from everything that made it quite op


I loved it when Stegod had APR.

A way to deal with Smilonemys

Ludia breaking their own rules is nothing new. They took Armor Piercing from tanks and then created a immune to DoT tank with PFS and Definite Rampage


Tbh Stegod should have .25 counter, slight attack buff and Precise Rampage. Instead of dealing with other tanks, he would be best against dodgers


Could always buff Thagomizer to either pierce armor or deal some DOT


Ah, the good old days! I remember being so confused when my Parasaurolophus couldn’t cleanse a bleed one day! (This was before I came onto the forums, and I didn’t pay attention to the social media)

After seeing this today, I hope not!

Give stegod dsr and tryko, dioraja, grypo become fairly useless against him.

One of my favorite dinos.

Stegodeus was extremely powerful in the tank meta, back in the early days of the game. Now, with so many immune, evasive, shielded creatures and such, it’s become an afterthought. Giving it back its armor piercing rampage would help make it viable in the upper arenas, and it would not be imbalanced at all at this point in the game.

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Rhe answer is no Sorry if disappointed stegodeus go its armor pierce from nodopata

Any bleeder would take care of him. You probably didn’t have one because, unfortunately, they’re really weak in upper arenas

I do have one in my team of 8 but unfortunately it wasn’t chosen for this one.

I don’t use any haha. They are mostly useless, overleveled Stegod is one of the few matchups where a bleeder shines

I forgot about one thing that could and should be given to Stegod: Superior Vulnerability. Nodo has it, so Nodopato and his hybrids (including Stegod) should have it too. It would be a really nice buff to Stegod and with Precise Rampage it would be very useful against that pesky Indo G2

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