So, will the numbers for FIP daily missions keep going up?

'Cause if they do, that might be a problem to complete them every day… Fortunately I don’t care for the incoming Pachy and the diseased bald cat.


Let’s hope it caps out at 4 lol. In a little over 12hrs we shall see if it goes to 5…lol

It should either cap at 4 or 6, but shouldn’t go any higher than that, but we are talking about Ludia here.

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According to Game press (ex-Metahub) I read the mechanic is different to the others.

The increase to 6 F/I/P then reset to 1 again and the cycle begins again

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I hope it resets, cause 6 a day would already be a little too much

When’s our honest description of Smiloceph @Arnold? I’m really looking forward to it. :grin:

When we have the picture of it x)

6 a day max makes sense to me.

The max you can get a day is:

4 food/toys from normal drops
2 food/toys from green drops
6 interaction from free incubator. Just have to open it 3 times

If you are worried and know the mechanism just keep a few back from the previous day

I’d be happy with a reset each time it gets to 6. I’m not fussed if it just stays a 6 either, but a reset would be fine either way.

soemone in our group just posted that he/she has: 5 feed and 5 interact quest for today :S

Yes, I got 5, 4, 4. Will try to finish tomorrow too, then I don’t care with Pacy as reward. These dailies just don’t make sense. 3 is still okay, anything else is too much effort needed and too risky to miss a day, cause you use FIT points too soon.

If I want to complete daily I can’t use FIT points before 7am local time when daily quests restarts. I’m playing from 4:20 am till 5:40am local time as I’m preparing and going to work with bus. So if I use those points too soon, need to get them on my way to work and I’m forced to use them to complete daily. Of course during weekend I sleep longer than 7am and I’m force to find at least 2 event drops before sleep, most likely 4 or even more.

This is far from doable in two 30 minutes playing sessions as dailys were advertised that will be doable.

EDIT: It supposed to be a game, not full time job!


Same on our 3 accounts. Done before 8 am est. One of the easier challenges.

well I hope that it will not go up to 6 or above because it will be difficult for most of us :smiley:

Same here…

Above 6 would be impossible for anyone. As mentioned above the mechanic may work different and may reset to 1 after it hits 6.

Makes sense IF it resets. Either way I think it’s a little stupid if they give us this new feature and then we have to save FIP so we can complete daily missions. But that’s just me.


@leylandlad97 Opening Free Incubator 3 times mean to wait 18 hrs.
I had FIP 5 today. Didn’t complete the I. I have to wait 1.5 hrs more.
I literally don’t know the logic behind the Daily Mission “Interact 5 times”. And I really hope it will stop at 6.

3 can be done in 12 hours.

One when you wake up then at the 6 and 12 hour mark

I have 6 today

So we know it’s five today , and the rest will be guesswork because we haven’t had an answer .
More than six will be impossible so I’m guessing it will be six tomorrow or just one and will go up daily to six then back to one again .