So, will the numbers for FIP daily missions keep going up?

Well, I think the 4 should be max cause this is max from normal box. Green boxes are too rare. I barely make 5 plays today.

That’s true. But I cannot do the middle one because where I work I cannot use my phone.

Ah. That’s a bit of a problem then. :grimacing:

When you hit that roof you are a bit stuck.

Hopefully in the future Ludia decide to sell F/I/P. I know I would probably buy them

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Buying to complete Daily Mission is not a good idea.
The best thing is to give more than 4 from Supply Drops and include Interaction in Supply Drops.


Will surely update on this…lol…but for now just enjoy the view of the 6/6/6:

Ooh what’s with the birthday cake? lol Guess it’s my b-day here.

Your cake is anniversary, my cake is birthday. :smile:

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LMAO oh really didn’t know that. Happy b-day @GPx, now get off the forum and go enjoy yourself out there!

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I don’t remember where I read it, but somebody (a dataminer?) said it goes up to 6, then resets to zero, then starts counting upwards from 1 again. So it will have a full cycle of zero to 6 during the week.


Hope’s it’s true.

I try to keep up with my daily missions but I guess I’ll have to miss a day because of having to get 6 FIP today. The missions are taking longer to complete every stinking day. Who has the time???

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I had 7 today. That’s BS…


Oh no, really? That’s bad.

This whole mechanic is really not fun. There is a window of about five minutes per day when the ever-present “Limit reached” icons aren’t showing, and then the number of FIP items you can collect are stupidly low. 12 is bad but 8 is ridiculous. Especially if the daily mission numbers are at 6 and now even 7… and now you have to save them up all day to do your daily missions because there’s only that one brief opportunity to get more?

Come on, Ludia, I really want to love sanctuaries, but you are making it so I can only interact with them for a handful of minutes each day. My creatures come back, I place them again, that’s one minute, then there’s a little spree of FIP after my daily missions reset and that’s IT. Where’s the fun in this?


When I made this topic, the missions were still at 3, and here we are today with 7. It’s impressive how Ludia is predictable when it comes to problems and bugs.


My feed was at 6 yesterday and the other two at 5 each. Today I didn’t have a feed but the interact and play were at 6. Curious to see tomorrow if feed is back and interact and play are gone

I do have to agree that they shouldn’t be part of daily missions. The sanctuaries don’t exactly give a ton of DNA but they’re nice to have for grinding a little bit and for fun, they should be just that and not a chore of counting resources and planning days ahead

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Which did you have for 7? Food and Toys? If so that’s stupid @Jorge @Ren @Ned @Ludia_Developers

Today I only had the interaction one so didn’t have food and toys one, but will probably get it tomorrow.

But can you guys that I tagged ask the Devs how they expect people to achieve missions that go above and beyond what the game provides?

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I was at 6 of each (all three) yesterday and did not get any in Daily missions today. We will see what they are at when I receive them again.

7 is a bit much as that is more than one can receive in a day without planning ahead. Meaning if they do continue to go up it will reach a point where they will be simply impossible to accomplish.

Ditto - 6 x 3 yesterday; none today

I got the Play one (x5) today, nothing else

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7 for food yesterday. Fortunately I didn’t got that mission today, or else I wouldn’t be able to complete it, 'cause my food was 0. Still, I had to do 6 int and 5 play today.

I know at least two players that got 7 interact yesterday and they couldn’t get the daily Ourano.