So with Ref's buff, what's the point of Haast Maximus in this game?

Ref has a priority no delay 1x5 move that can stun, bleed, distract 100%, remove dodge, a 2x move, a counter distract, a swap in distract, higher health and higher attack. Ref also has more/better resistances.

Haast has a delayed 2x priority move which only removes dodge/cloak, and a 1x move that causes distraction 50% and dodge, 2 more speed points plus an On Escape move which doesn’t prevent any damage.

Exactly what is the purpose of Haast? Is there anything Haast can be used for that Ref can’t do 3x more effectively?


Personally I find all creatures being released lately ridiculously well equipped vs the 350 ones released and nerfed to shreds prior…


Not really much Haast can do. It needs a huge buff to make it relevant. Here’s my take on a buff

My feathered team does quite well but I understand what you mean with being a little underwhelming. What I do like about my feathered team is they tend to handle Thors that my opponents tend to pull as starters at my level. So I never throw out the feathered flocks on the first move, instead, one of the others with fearless flap.

The other main creatures my opponents throw out the first move is Skoona which my feathered team doesn’t handle well… paper, scissors, rock thing.

My Poukaidei is boosted a bit as I use it in an Apex raid so it is about as good as Maximus.

Team Maximus

I would remove the delay on rampage and add that fearless dive move…
Something like this…

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Just wait. Haast will be made extremely op and be nerfed and buffed and nerfed, and Ref will be nerfed, buffed, nerfed, and buffed later.


Haast is largely fine, IMO–I would only change Piercing Screech to be CD 2.

Nantem shouldn’t have received as obscenely large a buff as it did.


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This would be a good buff.

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Right now, its the worst apex in the game.
While its new brethren gained attack/health buffs with huge resistances. haast’s resistance buff alone is insignificant.

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I think what haast needs is a better counter… maybe something similar to Poukan. Everything is either resilient and can get through dodge, or has a ton of armor and shields. There are only 2 viable fierce in the whole game (IndoT and Mortem), so I wouldn’t say that being a counter to only 2 creatures makes Haast a threat to anything. It’s not even great for raids, which is a shame. I LOVE Haast - it’s such a cool design, and I think it needs a buff to keep up with the other Apexes and Uniques.

At least they should replace the on-escape move Obstruction To Flight with some other move, which deals damage to the escapee like Stunning Obstruction of Phorurex.

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I do believe that Haast should get a buff. Ravenous rampage could have a distract and a DoT to bring it up to speed with ref.

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I used haast max ever since unlock and these are the main issues i see with him.
Piercing screech needs the mortem roar change (completely change the move).
On escape also needs a buff, people should get punished for swapping out with swap prevention
Stats wise i think hes fine.

100% true.

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Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of raking or precise counters which remove dodge, making Haast even more useless.

As a side note, my (poorly boosted) lv27 Morty just KO’d a well balanced 28 boosted Max. So yeah, Haast really needs a rework. Or Ref gets a nerf, whichever.

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Oh also, for some reason raking claws have a delay but moves like instant cunning rampage doesn? makes no sense

How about Albertospinos

What did the Haast do? Even with Mortem’s recent buffs, Haast shouldn’t have too much issue dealing with it.

Haast is definitely one of the worst apexes. The worst apexes right now are between haast and magnus. I am not sure what makes haast so bad other than it’s pretty terrible versatility compared to something like ref and Gorgo. I guess it just hp and versatility compared to the others and has an overall less defensive/offensive kit. Gorgo has cautious impact turn 1 and can basically spam it every other turn while dealing decent damage with nullifying rampage. Ref however I would say is a bit more offensive with super distraction and cunning rampage but is a lot more versatile than haast with having a chance to stun and having access to bleed. Right now haas just seems like a basic cunning creature without really anything unique about its kit

Its piercing screech that makes him bad, that move is shocking for an apex.

Its a 3 turn cooldown move that gives you 20% crit and 10% speed increase, if haast does use it for the distraction purpose he dies next turn.