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So with the new update what creatures do you think benefitted the most?

Will creatures like the Indo 2 be relevant again?

One of the biggest winners of 2.9 surely was Testa. Faced it various times today and it surely is hard to take down.

You attack? It heals
You want to swap out? It heals
It swaps in? It heals
Dig-in? Heals again

Another reason why we need more relevant Fierce in the game…

But don’t want to complain. It was about time that Testa becomes meta relevant :slight_smile:


Testacornibus was hands down the biggest winner. No one else even came close.

I’d personally say second is Poukandactylus. That’s a little bit of a hot take, but it got pretty sizable buffs–if it weren’t for the fact that Resilients are (still) very powerful, it would absolutely be Tyrant tier material. It’s probably the single best Fierce counter in the game at the moment, even over Trebax & HMax. I think folks have slept on Pouka just because the meta makes it seem a lot weaker than it is, but I’ve seen some folks remarking on how surprised they are at its performance.

Third place is Spinoconstrictor. Now, I’ll be fair, it was a bit of a tossup between Spino & Pouka for 2nd, but IMO Spinoconstrictor gets bumped down since we found out about the delay on Evasive Wounding Strike. Kinda a dumb change IMO. Even so, Spinocon got some hefty buffs & fits a bit into the current meta a bit better than Pouka. It’s a serious monster.

Honorable mention goes to Skoona. It was already a beast, though, and while it is stronger than before, I don’t think it gained as much as Testa, Pouka, or Spino. Utarinex also gets an honorable mention.

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