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So, without any compensation, ignore players again?

Nothing special event…
Just selling two packs?
That’s all?

Really disappointed again, Ludia.

For your horrible mistake (free premium inclubator to some players) on Tuesday, finally, without anything, it seems you want to pass time and forget the mistake.

As usual, you ignore players, at least me.

For your wonderful ignorance, I swear to play much harder without spending any money any more


Just be thankful their “new and exciting event” didn’t break something else or give out packs with 1000 boosts to random people.

They’re in the wild. Chill dude.

They’re in the wild, and the epic is in the strike event for it. Put the pitchfork down.

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Wait there’s a strike event?

Yep - 2 epic towers today

New update comes late because of vacations. They release a couple teasers to keep us entertained. They hope we pay a fortune for those incubators. No compensation, just another scam. This was planned long ago, the two new dinosaurs were leaked at the beginning of the current version.

They ignored it because there were only 1% players affected. So they decided to just leave 99% players unfairly treated.

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Well, I haven’t seen the allo strike; but I saw a bull not to long ago


I seen epic strikes for allosaurus G2 but were quickly removed. As usual some will have had time to enjoy it and most of players will not. Ludia treats Jurassic World license like a great toy to entertain buddies, ignoring any possibility of fair game. Ridiculous or pathetic, I don’t know which term to use anymore.