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So... Without event drops...?

Will our daily coin limits reflect the amount of coins we can gather when there are event drops? Or did Ludia just pull back a bunch of coins from everyone with this ill conceived tampering with the event schedule?

EDIT: oh, let’s not forget the 10 cash you could get from them too… I don’t think anyone cares about the scent.


You are the Sherlock Holmes of things to complain about.


We do have treasure chests today too. Its just more of a hassle because I’ll have to go out at 1am to get the last one.

Do you really go out to get it? :slight_smile: I gave up on 2 chests as there is no way I will wake up, get dressed and leave home at 1am to get one chest then another around 6am. Not to mention that they are very scattered now, so there is no guarantee I would find any.

I really think that Ludia is putting people’s lives in danger by making them to go out in the middle of the night for the chest… XD

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One might even say he… rants.

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I filled up on my Green supply drop coins before they went away this morning. Then tomorrow morning I will have 1/2 day to do it again.

Yeah i go out for them every time. I forgot once or twice in the past but i set an alarm to remind me now. I’m an insomniac so 1am is still early to me. I can’t remember the last time i was in bed before 1. I’ve been f2p for months (except VIP) so i need every freebie that i can get. If i skip 10 chests over a few weeks, that’s 37,500 coins i miss out on. Can’t afford that.

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It’s like $7 US. I’ll just sleep

Off topic but wow you have 2 acres of land!? Where do you live?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist

Ha it was not a serious post man

I do care more about the scent than anything else. Those scent are the ones I use during “hybrid pursuit” events.