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So you lose your stat boost when you level up your dino

I swear i just leveled up my spino and lost its stat boost i put on it

Then I’d want a refund for sure.

Did its stats go down? In other words if you’re health was 5000 after boosts did you level up and the health dropped to 4300 etc.!

Did you lose your speed boosts also?

If you are going to post a complaint a better idea is to give more details

oh heck no

Confirmed this is not true. You keep the boost.:blush:


I just leveled this today…it has not recieved a boost since level

Level 20 stats are 3358 health 747 damage
For easy comparison


just leveled tryostronix to 30. at 30 it’s HP is normally 4741, but after leveling, it’s HP is 4977 or +5% like tier2 is supposed to do


Hey Dave_Scholey, if you think you’re having an issue with the stat boost on one of your creatures, do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key and our team can take a closer look. Thanks!