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So you make the acquisition of the joppa

In the past ocean event nearly impossible, then immediately, it’s no coincident, you put him up for sale.

Classy :hatched_chick:

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I mean I don’t have a problem with this. If you wanted him you could have grinded and got for free or if you didn’t want to grind you could buy him. That’s pretty much how every single mobile game works these days. They also had bravery books during the event so you could have done free entries. We had quite a few in our guild just use a bravery book and then grinded it out. I think the grind was a bit excessive but it was for a new character that otherwise would cost real money so i can understand why the extra matches.

You’re explanation is why they do what they do.

You said the event was nearly impossible, I was just explaining how it was possible if you put the work in, and if you didn’t want to you could just buy it. We had plenty of people in the guild finish it, it wasn’t easy but I would not call it nearly impossible. When you get down to it it was just 10 more wins than a normal ToM event but with 2 extra days to do it.