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So you‘re telling me RNG works fine?


Only one thing: 5% chance. In one single battle, ladies and gentlemen. Guess my opponent laughed his a off.

Crap like that often happens to me since 1.5. Now I could record a very brutal RNG fail. No crits from Tryostronix with risen chance…
You‘re telling me RNG works fine? I‘m telling you that‘s everything but definitely not misfortune…


And before some people start to call me an another complaining dude having trouble to get over some misfortune…I had things like that more than once since 1.5. Often, I know from the start whether I‘m going to win or lose. It depends on whether my opponent gets lucky RNG in the beginning or not.

The chances of these scenarios are just sooo low and it happens to me so often I don‘t believe in misfortune, I believe in seriously broken game mechanics.

And this is just so frustrating, because in case of bad RNG it doesn‘t matter how much time and cash I invested in lvlng my team. And also, I‘m losing many trophies and I‘m not getting further.

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Agree to your points.
The game is very much RNG based.
Within the arena battling context, the moment when my 4 team members are selected I am almost sure about the outcome - when the game selects my lowest level dinos, it means it is time for me to lose the battle (or battles). At times, it may prolong up to 10 battles or more i.e. the highest level dinos are not selected, worst combinations, etc. Which brings to the point of the benefit for us levelling up our dinos when we couldn’t use them when needed…

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that was a weird exercise in circular logic.

just level up all of your desired dinosaurs, then the rng boogeyman wont be able to spitefully select your lowest level dinos.


Tragod is naturally going to crit more since she uses two attacks per turn, but that is an unusual amount of crits for one life


Tragod’s rampage crits so often, 5% is a joke.


Trago and Monomimus seem to have more than 5% crit… just like Anky seems to have less than 20% in most battles and Indoraptor and Monostego seem to have more than that, like I said in a thread I made a few weeks ago… My guess is, yes, there’s something very wrong there, but unfortunately we can’t say anything for sure since we don’t have access to the programming


I agree with the part where you know you lost when it picks your Dinos, and you got the worst 4.
Doesn’t matter the level, they could all be equal levels, and they are not equal in abilities. No immune, no strong attack. Those 4.

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I hear that some accounts are more RNG biased than other accounts, maybe it’s something Ludia need to look into.

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Well that would definitely describe what I‘m feeling like sometimes.
I‘m still saying it: Game mechanics must be broken, there‘s no other explanation to me. :confused:

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Trago’s critical rate is insane. Definitely not 5%.


People defend rng for one of 3 reasons; either a) they’re in denial and refuse to accept the game is so flawed, b) they’re deliberately being argumentative; they know the game’s a mess of rng but like trolling people by arguing, or c) they’re the ones who rely on rng to win anything.

The rng in this game is insane. All the most powerful effects are rng based, every game is decided by it and even your team gets randomized at the start of the match. It’s ridiculous, and even more ridiculous that anyone would defend it.


where have you heard this?


Chatting to someone the other day, this person plays with their partner, but their partners account always gets better RNG in creating hybrids, etc. Now maybe it is just the nature of RNG but they have definitely noticed some kind of disparity between thier accounts generally.


JWA decided to break down right in the middle of a battle I would‘ve won.
Thank you Ludia for not fixing this old problem!


Diloracheirus rng has been broken since the update. There is no way it’s a 75% chance to stun. I wish support would look into this. Even when my opponent does this attack I count on it not stunning


If only I can level up all my team members simultaneously, then, everything will be fine and well.

However, some of my team members are newly created and some are difficult to level it up because of lack of DNAs. So, assuming my 8 team members are L30, L30, L30, L30, L30, L26, L26 and L26. The 4 selected for battles will usually be L26, L26, L26 and L30. Ocassionally it will be L26, L26, L30 and L30.

So the issue is not whether I want to level up all my team members to L30. If only I have the pleasure to do so. I will be more than happy.


My post got flagged.
Asked that not so bright bot filter why.


inasmuch as this is a thread about rng, are you implying that ludia employs a disconnect algorithm?

thats pretty bold, gr.


Nope I‘m just giving my frustration some space.