So youre telling me

This game has been out for like 8 years and we only have gotten

8 Pterosaur hybrids
5 Amphibian hybrid
12 Herbivore hybrids
And 17 carnivore hybrids?

Ludia please give us some more Amphibians and Flyers thank you


Well, when this game launched there originally was no hybrids, not even Indominous Rex. They came a few months later, then S-Hybrids came around the date of Fallen Kingdom’s release.

It’s moreso an issue that Gorgosuchus was released end of 2016, and we only got Diplosuchus since then, let alone no other amphib tourney hybrid.


Uhh I don’t think so ludia is going to do that any time soon because we have told ludia the same thing for years