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Today is Dinobuck day on Facebook, FYI


Yesterday (11/19) was Dinobuck Day on social media. If you hurry you might still be able to get the reward. It worked for me at 9AM CDT


Today is Dinobuck day. There are actually two rewards. Get the early reward first (50 LPs) then the second reward (50DB)

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I’m actually have a bit of an issue. Over the last few days for reasons I can’t explain (haven’t done anything different, nothing has changed), I have not been able to collect my rewards.

I always go to the in game link to the facebook page and upon clicking the claim link it always takes me back to the game where I am rewarded, but now it just takes me to the Jurassic World: The Game Ludia page.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? :thinking:

It happens to me on a regular basis. Go back to Facebook/Twitter and click again. It usually works for me on the second try

No such luck over here. Oh well nothing to be upset over, happened to me once before then went away so. :upside_down_face:

Thanks so much for sharing this! I probably would have missed getting the second reward if I hadn’t seen this information.

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Always happy to help

It’s Dinobuck day on Facebook/Twitter once again


and how or where do you claim these rewards??

I always claim it on Twitter.
Go to news in the game - community - follow us on Twitter.
This opens Twitter in a browser, where you can claim your reward. There will be one every day.

hmm, might be me, but when I do that (Facebook or Twitter) I dont see anything about a reward… It just opens the FB or twitter page…

Try it from within the game.

I did… clicked the link u pointed out. It brings me to the following page

But whatever I choose, I just go back to the game

Sorry, I have no other idea. I hope there is someone else here to help you.

After restarting the game I got 50 dinobucks !!! Thank You!!!


Today is Dinobuck Day on Social Media


I don’t understand where I can find those rewards!? Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere? Checked their Facebook and Twitter, but seeing nothing recently where they state rewards. So how to get? Also is there any feed to keep check on whenever it’s available?

  1. Open up game.

  2. Go to “News” tab in top right hand corner.

  3. click on the social media tab at top left.

  4. Click on either join/follow with facebook or twitter (press “Go”)

  5. Look at open page and then scroll down a little to read latest news and click on the link within. (Todays says Unlock Utahraptor).

  6. The page it takes you to should give a button to hit “open app”

  7. Allow the app to open. (There is usually the usual loading screen in the way which needs closing).

  8. Collect the reward showing.

The rewards are replaced by new ones every 24 hours.


From Jurassic World: The Game’s Facebook page