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Social Media Rewards

Today’s post is for 25 Dinobucks. Happy Small Dinobucks Day


Claim your 25 Dinobucks on Facebook/Twitter


Dino Bucks Day!!!



wait how much is it?

@The_Phoenix 50 bucks


Yeahhh can’t wait to spend my 50 bucks!

I have a problem collecting social media rewards. I go to Facebook from the game, usually, the provided link was bringing me back to the game, but now it brings me to page and I can’t return back to the game anymore. Of course - no rewards offered. I downloaded twitter app and I have the same issue there as well.
Does anyone experience something like that?
Thank you

Clicking on the “click & claim” link from the Facebook app works for me. Is that what you’re doing?

Yes, it used to work fine, but it’s been off for a week for me

Are you using your phone? I’m on an Android phone, it looks like you’re on a Apple device.

This is the link to the post FB post link
Any better?

Edit: i was able to open that link in my browser and click on the “click & claim” link through there and it took me to the game and said I already redeemed the reward.

The only thing I can think of is when I click on the link it asks me to go the app or the website. If I choose website, it looks like what you get. Maybe your browser isn’t giving you the option. Try a different browser?

Yes, I’m on iPad.
Posted link by you, brought me to Facebook app, clicking on “collect&claim” bringing me back to web of Ludia in browser…
That’s right…, I don’t have an option “Continue to game” after clicking on the link anymore… it’s something with iPad settings I guess. I even reinstalled the apps, no changes…
Thank you for trying to help me. Appreciate it

Can you try on your phone?

It WORKED on my phone!! It’s also apple, with the same accounts… don’t understand…
Again, thanks for helping!

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25 bucks today and information about the new creature.


I use iPad and i just click thru the game… go to news and click to community. Then click facebook. It takes you to facebook page. Find the current new claim, click it and it takes you back to the game and gives you the reward.