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Social Media Rewards

I have to say this isn’t really obvious advertised indeed, so thank god for the forum, otherwise I would have missed these for sure !


Today is Dinobuck Day on Facebook/Twitter


Is anyone else not able to collect rewards from social media lately? Every time I try to click it doesn’t take me to the game to collect rewards as usual.

Been working as it normally does for me, no issues that I have seen.

Thanks @Sionsith… for some reason it hasn’t been working for me since about Friday. I did a recent apple update. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I updated my phone either yesterday or Friday, I don’t remember which day, and I have not had an issue with collecting the social reward. Including today’s worked as intended.

@Sionsith I’m at a loss… I’m on an iPad and thought I did the latest update turns out I didn’t (it was my daughters iPad I updated, I like to use them as guinea pigs, lol). I have since done the latest update on my iPad and still have the issue. When I click on the link for rewards in safari browser it just takes me to the Ludia homepage. When I click the link in Chrome it makes like its going to open a new webpage but doesn’t and just goes back to the Facebook or Twitter page… :pensive:

Have you tried clicking the link again?

@Andy_wan_kenobi yes, I clicked it multiple times… want to hear something weird… I just downloaded Microsoft Edge browser just to see if it would work and it did! Why it no longer works for me in Chrome or Safari is beyond me…

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That is odd mine goes through the safari browser on my phone and works as intended.

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Just wanted to make sure the obvious fix was covered

When you were trying unsuccessfully to claim the rewards, were you clicking the link from the Facebook/Twitter App or from the web browser? i use the app.and it works for me

Hey @Andy_wan_kenobi I was using the web browser click through. I have not tried the app… if I run into any further issues I will give it a try, but edge seems to be working for me the last couple days.


Don’t forget your rewards, it’s dinobucks day.


Happy Dinobuck Day on Social Media


Can u please explain how i can get this rewards?

My account is connected to facebook. What should i do now? I visited the facebook page, but i didn’t see anything about rewards. :slight_smile:

The Jurassic World the Game Facebook page and Twitter feeds post almost every day. Those posts include a link to click to claim ingame rewards. See my post above from January 21 as an example


I was just looking for previous post on forum when someone asked for help. There were screenshots to show how to access from in the game. Cant find them now.

Look here

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Thanks for responding so fast.
I followed all the steps, but it doesn’t work. :frowning: