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Along with another sneak peek at the tournament creature, today is Dinobuck Day

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Looks like it is going to be Amphibian.

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Well, it did not work thru Facebook directly. But I loaded the game, then clicked on news, then clicked on Facebook in the game. it took me to the Facebook page. Clicked on the reward link. Then it took me back to the game and gave $25.

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It’s Parasaurolophus Gen 2.

Stop saying that… we want an Amphibian tournament hybrid glass cannon…

and we’re willing to live in that fantasy world whenever we can for as long as we can.


But it’s the confirmed tournament for this week sooo nothing much I can do. :joy:

It isn’t confirmed. You just have strong suspicions.

They could throw a curveball at us.

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They posted it on Facebook and there’s a news tab in the game itself saying this. I of course will not be able to guarantee it, but with what we have, it seems like Parasaurolophus Gen 2. Also, Para Gen 2 is off-topic for this thread so we could continue this discussion in the tournament thread or weekly schedule.

Yes, it looks a lot like that dino.

But it indeed is NOT confirmed.

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At this point, the odds of it NOT being Para Gen 2 is less than the odds of Ludia giving us unlock events for different creatures. But yes, let’s wait and see.

Well I’m afraid… (Personally I’m flipping out about this)


That image is so pretty. :heart_eyes:


Did we just learn the definition of confirmed :rofl:?

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True, it is a lovely image. I wonder what it will look like in the light of day in our paddocks?

It does give me a (low-priority) idea. Some builder games have a night-and-day cycle; it’d be cool to see our Jurassic Worlds with such a cycle. This glowing dinosaur could actually light up some at night. Weather, like rain, would also be cool; the battle stage arena animations show us it’s possible.

In any case, it is a lovely composition of color. Looks like what Parasaurolophus would look like on *Avatar’*s Pandora. I see you, Parasaurolophus…


Yes… I loved it a lot in the CC Trailer and I’m loving it even more in JW:TG :star_struck:

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It is dinobucks day.