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I just thought I would try and start a thread for general chat. Seeing as most of us are in the position of not being able to play the game because all our matches are offline, we might as well have a bit of banter.

I’ll start. What other games are you enjoying at the moment? Are there any dating sites you enjoy that don’t rinse your bank account?


Great idea! I also started a Facebook group that has about 700 members if you’d like to join… just make sure to answer the membership questions :two_hearts:

I also play Choices, Love Sick, Chapters, and Love Island The Game pretty regularly! I can recommend some books on them if you’d like, just let me know :grinning:


Thanks. I’m not on Facebook, deactivated my account a while back.

I also play Love Choice, Secrets and Moments. The first two give decent rewards for gems and the like and Secrets has quite a few LGBTQ storyline.

Moments has really good quality writing and artwork but can get expensive, plus all the stories seem to be about women falling for gangsters or being forced into marriage. All the male characters seem a little misogynistic for some reason.

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I don’t have much time for the story apps anymore, but I’ve tried Secrets but I don’t like the way they represent LGBT so I ditched it. A lot of story apps are M/F and many copy each other’s stories thoug to noticeably lesser quality (though it’s subjective depending on which app you like better).

Lovestruck is really great for it though and it’s set up where tou pick an LI’s route to read so you’re already set to end up with them with the story changing depending on which LI you romance (don’t try to fit the LIs routes into a timeline though, it won’t work, but the series a set of LIs are from will share n overarching plot).

Choices is decent for LGBT, better than most story apps. I like the older stories since the latest ones have been pretty eh. There are nearly always a female LI option, but sometimes it’s more obvious than other times that Choices favors their male LIs. They should return to fantasy and horror, but lately they’re going for the money grabbers and school settings. With the stories with one LI you can customize the gender of the LI.

Romance Club is great with more emphasis on adventure than romance despite the name, which I appreciate. And the stories are more intricate with the consequences to all your actions and branching paths based on your choices.

I haven’t yet gotten past the first chapter because of time and not wanting to get too invested yet, but The Arcana is also really good and has had really positive reviews in general. You can romance whoevwr you want without a need to buy into premium options as those are just for fun, but not a roadblock to determining if you can or can’t end up with who you want, consequences of choices I’m general aside as you can still not end up with someone you want based on that.

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Heart’s Choice was a good one I tried. They’re like choose your own adventure stories, written by published novelists. Needless to say, the writing is excellent and the choices you make actually have an impact on the story outcomes.

I only read one story, but I read it twice and got different outcomes both times.

I tried one of the other stories but it was a really high concept sci-fi where you played weird alien creatures and I just wasn’t feeling it so quit after a chapter.


I have found a new game called Candy for anyone interested.

It’s similar to games like Choices, etc. But there’s good rewards and the stories seem decent. There’s currently only two stories and they’re both FtF, so if that’s not your bag you might wanna give it a miss.

At least it will keep me occupied until my matches come back online here.

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Besides Lovelink I’m currently playing Choices, Episode and Lovesick. I think out of the games Episode is my fav because you can play without using diamonds when you read other player’s stories. Times are tough, so I only pay for diamonds maybe once a week if that on each platform. Thanks for the other game suggestions, I’m going to definitely give them a try. I’ll also check out the FB group, I love connecting with people who are just as obsessed and invested with these stories as I am.