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Societies or clans for JWTG

Hi everyone,
A couple of friends and I thout about what would make JWTG even more interesting and gave the players more the feeling of being in a Community.
And here is our Idea:
JWTG should have something like clans or societies. So if you are in a scociety, so we thought, you can trade your Dinosaurs or spend Money or food to each other. Otherwise you could collect Scociety-XP by doing some scociety-tasks to level it up and gain some advantages like 5% more XP, food or Money. Or you can unlock some legendary Dinosaurs, which are only to find or to become if you are in a society.
But our main point is that we want to send messages or some photos to each other or into the society and we also want to have a Friend list Ingame.
So we think that you can unlock the society if you are level 10 or higher.
With friendly greetings Velo_Docus, Mr. E and King05
Have a good day.

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First of all welcome to the community
I would love hat, it would be even better if you could give away dinosaure like in clash of clan and alive,
I would also think we could exchange dinosaure and have a team chat

I don’t want these features. I prefer the game as being singleplayer. If you want an online dinosaur game, you can play JWA :joy:


I agree cause I get the worst trades in the harbor.I can trade indominus for 7,000,000 coins but my coins are maxed.

That is a terrible idea dont do it, indo for coin is terrible

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It is not custom.

Ditto to this. Plus I don’t think it’s happening. With this game being out for 6 years, Ludia would’ve added a social feature if it was planned/possible.

This game doesn’t need any social features, it would just open a whole world of exploits and account stealing. JWA was built to include it, so that would be your best option.

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I like the diorama in your display picture