Soft end progression

So i finished available explore content.
Im currently farming the last challenge and even though i cant pass room 6-7 the first 6 dice rewards are very decent. (21gems dice number 2)

My account lvl is 13 but my main team lvl is 11 with couple of legendaries each hero. So… patience until you reach that level to go on against final stages of current content.

*i really dont know how non vips will ever reach this point…
**Until this point i have used resurrection 3 times.

When facing minotaurs the key is “turns” and immobilize. Keep restarting the fights until u have favorable turn priorities. And then have your tank taunting and absorving dmg while cleric is healing him. I used wizard and warlock for crowd control spells and damage.
*I used fighter as a tank until lvl 10 and switched to barbarian after.

What i do in every room is, i let alive the last enemy monster with a little bit of life and then i just skip turns until my wizard+warlock abilities are ready for the next battle.

Tip3: Useful abilities > stats
Push, immobilize, disarm etc are better than the extra 10 dmg, 30hp, 8 armor of the better gear.

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Thanks for the tips …
VIP seems well worth the 10 …
And the grind is real :grin: