Software upgrade, loss of DNA building progress

I just upgraded to the latest version.

I lost all of my progress on the current level of the DNA building. I was almost done with the current level. :frowning:

Also, when you upgrade, it will reset the timer to 0/collect from it. So, upgrade right after you collect DNA.

I only had a couple hours left, learn from my loss.

And, if you’re on an ipad, it broke swipe up to exit the app.

Hi Timmah, if you haven’t already can you write to support it would be helpful.
Thank you

Also can you provide more details on what you mean by swipe up to exit the app is broken

On ipads, when you are at the “lock” screen, you can swipe up to enter your password instead of pressing the home button.

And, in most apps, you can swipe up to “fast” switch between app.

I’ll write support. I just figured sometimes upgrades are painful and this is “the pain” you get. I’ll post back if they can do anything.


Hi Timmah, Can you try swiping up twice. I am told we changed it to a two swipe to exit in a previous update (not this one) to prevent people from accidentally closing the game after receiving some complaints.


Ok, I just tried this. (And I already email support, sorry support.)

If you swipe up, and you do a second swipe up from the bottom middle (only, on a newly showing up arrow), it performs the switch action.