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Sold Out before I even Bought One?!?

Just saw this great coin discount offer in the Store, but when I logged in for the first time, all the 500 gem purchases show as Sold Out.

I haven’t bought one, this is the first time logging in and seeing the offer today. Are these offers tied to all other players and only first come, first served?

Happened to me a few weeks ago but I thought like you. Maybe it’s a bug, since I have this offer active currently.

There are only 3 reasons I am familiar with where store items are indicated to be ‘Sold Out!’.

  1. You have already purchased the item. As you noted this is not the case here.
  2. You don’t have enough gems/gold to purchase the item. I assume you have the required gems.
  3. A bug. This seems to be the most likely cause in this case.

I haven’t needed to buy gold lately since the ladder reset, so I haven’t bought any. And as for gems, I’m flush with them from tapjoy, so it must be option 3.