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What should i boost and what do you see below that would make the best comp.

Erli, Spyx, Magna, Thor, Quetz, Tryko, Rinex and Maxima.
If you’re feeling adventurous then use indo gen 2 instead of Quetz/Maxima/Spyx.
Speed boost speeders, don’t bother with slow ones.
Damage and health, I suggest spreading it out equally.
Dangerous team, you should be quite high in the charts.

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Thanks @Tielenaar for responding. I like maxima, tryko, erli, spyx and magna. I don’t really know the best way to play orion or maybe he needs full speed buff to be decent but with no boosts he spends most of his time sidestepping damage but still gets wrecked.

I liked thor before speed boosts 2.0 but with no speed boosts he can’t even revenge kill properly. Normally he is slower than his target and take a rampage to the face before killing his target. That doesn’t leave him with much except a an instant cast before he goes down.

Renix will take speed +20 to be viable which is doable but it would be nice to save a few for the rest of the team.

I like indo gen 2 and i will probably play with him unboosted as he is still prime for nerfing. As for boosts i am thinking right off the bat tryko and maxima 13/13/4
Erli, spyx, magna will each get 5/5/14. I know that doesn’t equal 30 but this will be until i get a better idea of how people are boosting their speeders so i don’t underboost their speed.

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