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Solid Gold Pack question?


Does buying a solid gold pack unlock the creature in the shop? Or should I rather invest in the 20000 loyalty point packs?


Unfortunately neither of those packs provide an unlock.


Oh… Guess I’ll just buy a solid gold and hope for something that is good enough at lvl 10


I definitely stick with getting the gold pack (after I do the lottery), as almost everything in them either I don’t have, or can benefit from leveling up. Unless the 20K one is something I really badly want but usually they change more frequently than I usually am able to save points up to get (might be a good idea to save up to the 20K and then only spend 10K on a gold pack and keep 10K in reserve in case one came up you really really want… definitely kind of wishing I had done this to get the aquatic reef one that was up there last week!) But otherwise, you are passing up getting 2 tourny dinos for just 1 in order to get a specific one vs. a random but I don’t think any of them are something I would sneer at as not being “good enough”.


Here is some information to remember for all packs…


Should’ve seen that one there. Thank you!


I didn’t realize this little nugget of information until I was a few months into the game. It would have saved me a lot of confusion had I figured it out earlier or if there was information about that in the game. That’s one of the reasons why I make a point of pointing it out when I can.


The Giant Orthocone has now replaced Apatosaurus in the Solid Gold pack. Dammit, i wanted to evolve my Apato to 20.

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And I need one more for a level 40, now I must hope that it may appear in a 20k VIP package.