Solid Gold Pack True Value

I have been noticing people not being able to finish the Aquatic Tournament, with levels higher than mine.

VIPs helped me Finished in Dominator, with CD of 3-6 hours( atleast 12-16 battle a day).
Many players doesnt like taking Solid Gold pack because of the chance that it woudnt be Jurassic Creature. But since All VIP has the same Ferocity, VIP Jurassic has lower value that Aqua and Ceno VIP. A lvl 20 VIP Baryonix might not affect your Jurassic Lineup, but a lvl 20 Tylo could youre best Aquatic.

You can Argue that most event uses Jurassic. But it has more choices compared to Aqua and Ceno. It has more accessible Creatures and Hybrids. Spinoraptor cost 9k while Leptostega cost 20k.

When Players reached this point of power, they won’t have any problem with any Jurassic Tournament. This means they can stay here and upgrade Other region that might need more help.

The True value of Solid Gold Pack is that it gives more Creatures.
“Quantity over Quality”
And for this game that is very Accurate. Having 8 lvl 10 Indoraptor is better that one lvl 40.


Excellent post! That is why I buy one Solid Gold Pack every week, just after I get the Diamond Spin Wheel on the Prize Drop.
Effectively, I get a minimum of 2 VIP creatures every week. They really help with my lineup, especially the Aquatic and Cenozoic lines, like you mentioned.

The Solid Gold Plus Pack is another matter though!