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Solid gold packs

Can you please make solid gold packs 5000 loyalty points instead of 10 000 it’s really expensive

If you think 5000 is better put a :sob:

If you think it should be 10 000 put a :money_mouth_face:

Cheaper is always better but I think that this request will fall on deaf ears.


For 5k you might get the golden wrapper…without the dinosaur! :exploding_head:

I treat my loyalty points as my most scarce resource. The dinos in these packs really help me through tournaments.


Loyalty members get 4x the loyalty points on purchases today. If you’re going to grab one…today is a good day.

I got a giant orthocone just now… And a bunch of loyalty points!


Yup get your pack purchase while the bonus is in effect:

It’s funny that there’s only one pack available today and that it stops tomorrow just before the new events will start.
I have a rare pack in my pipeline this evening in the next infinite event. That’s a cold comfort.


I plan on grinding Aquatic PvP for a bit today to hopefully take advantage of the bonus, I was lucky enough to land on the pack for the Biodome event.


I’ve tried that too but lost now 3 aquatic PvPs in a row. Always started with a class disadvantage with him having the first move.
I’m healed for today now.

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Fortunately I did not give up to try PvPs for today. That was worth it, especially today.


Nice I got one last night before the bonus, which would have been icing on the cake since the pack had 3 DB cards in it at 250 a piece. So far today I have had some luck with landing on VIP points and some DB rewards so it has been a good run so far today. Of course I have gotten a lot of 11k coin and 5k food rewards but the other stuff for sure makes it worth the grind.

7400 LP Solid Gold packs are nice!

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Not to revel in your earlier misfortune but glad to know I’m not the only one that suffers my fair share of losses in aquatic PvPs. Every time I have one I refuse to play again for the rest of the day. It’s so frustrating as I so rarely lose anymore in Jurassic (non-modded) ones, but I just cannot seem to master the aquatics. At least I did manage to stick with it long enough to get an aquatic pack too, but having just suffered yet another loss, not sure I feel like trying again today.

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After taking the VIP trade offer earlier in the week for a Henodus, I was low on LPs, not expecting such a nice bonus to show up just as all the other discounts were turned off! So decided not to stop with just the one aquatic pack, when another would get me enough points to get another 10K pack with the double points back… really glad I had leveled up another batch of aquatics to Elite prize wheel level but since I’m trying to stretch out how many PvPs I can do, trying to use only one per match paired with 2 other lower-level fishes, which I think is partly why I get the occasional loss. But had a nice run of wins, earning a bunch of LPs and finally hit another pack, for a nice bonus of DBs and enough to get another 10K pack… and even better, got another Henodus! I’ve really been focusing more on my aquatic and ceno teams and every additional VIP in these areas, particularly the rarer ones is always a thrill!

EDIT: I actually had had this wrong - I spent 50k LP (5x SG packs) and not the 4 as originally written - so it’s even WORSE than I complained about!

To be honest the SG packs are frustrating - in how they dish out the dino.

I had 50k LP to spend so went for 5x SG packs.

Now bearing in mind there were 17 possible dinos - 7 of which I don’t own.

You’d expect around a 40% chance I’d get a new dino (on each turn). To get an already owned dino, would be a 60% chance (each time).

I got an already owned dino ON ALL FIVE PACKS.

Statistically this is really unlikely - assuming the game doesn’t have any bias built in.

Conclusion: it does have a bias built in, and it should start putting a % at the bottom of each dino as per other awards, to make it clear.

I’m guessing the developers chose not to do this to encourage people like me to WASTE 50k LPs.

Very annoyed.

But the put a % at the bottom of each dino and as you mentioned it is unlikely but not impossible. Statistics could be very confusing.

Thanks for the reply Tommi.

I agree it would be duplicating what is already there - I didn’t really think it through. I suppose what I intended to say is that the odds (%) listed under each dino are either plain old wrong or are misleading! As I say above - to spend 50K in one go i.e. buying 5x SG packs with (7 in 17) probability (or 10 to 7 odds), I’d at least expect to get one dino that I don’t own already!

Unless I’ve misunderstood how it works?

EDIT: Looking into this further, I suppose my claim of the odds being “wrong” is not technically correct, since each time you get a card, the odds are reset (as opposed to being totalled up, so to speak). So I guess I’d be more inclined to stick with “misleading” but I’m probably not saying anything new here.

One thing’s for sure - it IS frustrating!

Every time you buy a pack it is a roll of the dice sometimes you get a new creature most times you don’t. The last time the discount was offered I purchased it think 16 or 17 packs and one creature I happened to get 4 or 5 of, while others I got none. Just have to roll with it, the more packs you purchase the better the opportunity to get a new creature but every purchase as you said has a fresh set of odds.

I have actually found it not to be random, but in a positive way for me. I always seem to get the dino I need to level one of my dinos up. I have them all at this point just by sheer numbers.

One time I got 4 brontos out of 5 packs…during when the bronto was the 20K pack. Not sure about the odds on that, but again, I was okay with it.