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Solid gold plus packs, why

Is the plus worth 2500 LP? Why


I have been thinking about this too and came to conclusion that It’s not worth it. I have a lots of VIP’s at this point so I’m better off saving at least 40k for buying two packs with a specific dino that I haven’t maxed out yet or don’t have at all…


Welcome to the forums! Also thinking it isn’t worth it.

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I see. But what is the rationale? They seem same as 10000 packs.

They give exclusive creatures that are not in solid gold packs. I still wouldn’t recommend getting them because those creatures aren’t any stronger.


The only reason it’s not worth it, it’s because they’re no stronger than normal Solid Gold creatures, just look at Concavenator and Tarbosaurus, they have literally the same stats, and the only difference between them is their prize.
Of course, if you want to collect all dinosaurs, hey, do it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Missed a zero, so the Plus packs are 25,000 LP more expensive.

As for me, yes. As a late-game player they are quite valuable when you are loaded up on the base-game VIP dinos.

Plus they offer less Aquatics and just 1 Cenozoic so there are overall higher chances of getting a land dino. This is a plus for me because I ALWAYS get Ceno or Aquatic VIP dinos from the 10k packs, which is why I stopped buying them.