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Solo apex raids

I’d like to see apex solo boss raids an option. I’m in a nice little alliance, with a decent group of players and float around the 5000 trophy mark, but there’s no way I’ll beat an apex boss with my alliance, its pressuring me to leave and go to a “better” alliance which I’d really rather not do, and there are more and more mortems etc appearing in the aviary.


i get where you’re coming from, but before you try leaving your alliance, why not ask the forums for players that would be willing to set up a group to raid every week? There’s also some discord servers out there that have people from all different alliances working together for raids.

I don’t raid the apexes with my alliance.


I raid with and without my alliance, it really doesn’t matter to me. I have no problem if you need some help with a raid group tho

Agree about this.

Maby introduce less DNA for Solo and more DNA for working in a team.


1 players = 10 apex.
2-4 players = 20 apex.

And also changing the power of the raid after how many players there are.

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It should be more fore Solo Raids