Solo boss raids please Ludia

I already proposed it once, and I propose it again, I think this idea would be a very good one since it is not always possible to coincide with other people at the same time, and there are people who have already made a boss assault and not They are willing to do it again with other people since it would be a waste of time for some, I had only one boss in my range, it was the Woolly Mammoth, like throwing darts I know it has become boring because the same creatures always appear to obtain DNA , and the PVP arenas are ruthless because of the horrendous matchmaking, I do all 10 takedowns and get out of there, the only fun thing if I know you can call it that, to this day is the boss raids, but there are not always people available, or They take you out of the raids for not having said creatures with accessible levels, that’s why I ask for solo Raids with 4 creatures that the person wants to choose without having to see if other people are available or not, it would be like the events of Fridays where e each one chooses their 4 creatures, obviously the current dynamic would have to continue in the boss raids, but this would be one more option for those people who want to play with the 4 creatures they want, and not depend on others to do a strategy.


Agreed totally. I’m in a small group that doesn’t get chances for us to get together to defeat a boss, so I’m missing out. The only way I can get a boss creature is to leave my group for a “better” group

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Im with ya as well. they could also add a remote raid ability too