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Solo Boss Raids

Give us the possibility to face the bosses alone with 4 of our creatures, since there are people who do not understand that to win they need strategies with certain bosses, sometimes there are people who have already played and do not accept the invitation, and in the future Have an event so that everyone can get DNA from the Morten REX, since those who do not have super level creatures, are not eligible to face that boss.


The whole idea for it is to be difficult and only possible by cooperation of experienced players.
If you’re not up for that, wait a couple of months before you can do it.


Technically a level 1 Common is enough to win you Mortem Rex DNA, if you have friends with level 30s.

If not, you can level up your Irritator and find people willing to raid on the forums or discord, since the Irritator strategy is probably the most accessible one right now.
There’s quite a few people, myself included, who are on the way to unlocking Mortem that way without using super-level creatures or loads of boosts.


How, I have a 24 indy with 4,387 hp, 1700 attack, and 127 speed. Besides the hp, it literally has the stats of a 28-29 and I never get invited to mortem plus it has cloak. This is literally like my only super boosted dino. At least she can defeat all the other bosses except she might be out of hadros lux besdies the fact she has lots of speed

Join a better alliance. Raids are group projects.

All I got is a level 20 poukaidei.

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You need to make the effort to seek out active players who need you in their strategy. I found the people I raid with through the forums, otherwise I’d stand zero chance because my alliance is casual, and timezones. There’s multiple threads full of players with Mortem-viable creatures, and multiple Discord servers full of players who raid all the time. You can’t expect them to come to you.

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For some of us, raids are currently the best part of the game. However, among us with this mindset, many of us prefer to know the strategy going in and therefore do not accept blind invitations. Seek out a team and talk about it before expecting random people to hop on board with no prep.

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