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Solo Raiding

Can we make this an option for Raiding? I’m personally kinda tired of having to send out invites that either get ignored, refused, or flat out not seen because of the game’s bugs.

I have nearly a dozen creatures that can all take part in the Apex raids, so I know I could handle all four Apex bosses by myself.


Would love to see this.

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Great idea. Would love the option to do solo Raids - we can choose 4 of our own creatures to battle the Boss and their minions.


But this kinda takes away the entire point of fun team play and communication


Somewhat. That’s why I think it would be a good option to have, since there’s a lot of players that only have three or four creatures to raid with and not all of them are suitable for all four Apex boss raids.

I’d still happily help those people out, but it would be so much easier for me if I could take up all four slots with my own creatures and run the whole thing by myself.

Ceramagnus would honestly be the only one I’d have trouble with because of it’s Double Random Rampage, but even then I think I could still solo it.

I have already proposed this on 2 occasions here, I hope that one day Ludia will see it, because there are people who sometimes are not available, or do not even invite you to the apex raids, it would be better if there was the usual option to play with other players or just one with your own 4 creatures chosen by yourself, hopefully I know of at some point.

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I’ve played my two accounts and my wife’s two accounts and successfully completed them. It’s kind of a pain to get going with the invite bugs. I haven’t done raids in over a month, not even when invited. I’m getting a bit burned out with this whole game with all the bugs and all.

They’re definitely in the majority too, so there would definitely still be a lot of cooperation going on.
Plus there’s certain strats where you need 2 of the same creature.

That would be great!

Hi Persian remember me?

Although a bit different to what you are all suggesting… but I’d quite like Raids to be more like their counterpart in Jurassic World the Game. In case you don’t know how it works, the boss starts off easy but can never be defeated. It just comes back stronger and the idea is to keep going until you can’t defeat it further.

Take that idea so that depending how far you can go, determines your reward and you have to beat your current progress to get better rewards. That way players can solo the lower level bosses but working together as a team allows you to beat higher level bosses and get better rewards.


I never did understand why there aren’t more game “modes” in JWA. Ladders, dungeons, etc. are all pretty common place in many games these days and (since they use the same engine) you would think could be added pretty easily as alternative player VS AI towers that would provide players with additional ways to add interest/earn DNA/etc.

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i would enjoy this more. especially if there was a community wide goal to work towards that gave out massive rewards if reached.

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Exactly. It would work so much better. You could play as much as you wanted and it could work in the same way as tournaments do.

battling the bosses in JWTG was one of the most fun things for me. i would constantly try for just a little more damage. just one more attempt. i made sure i used all of my creatures so i can do it as many times as i could.

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except communication is limited to 9 canned phrases. Maybe in
clude a chat with raids.
What I would like to see is the ability to invite people to a raid I was invited to. For example player A invites me to raid but there’s still two empty slots. Why can’t I now hit up MY friends list.


This. Absolutely. It shouldn’t just be the Raid host. Half the time Raids fail because the host cannot get enough participants. Let other participants request as well and it would be a lot better.


I agree with this. I have a great alliance to raid with but there can be times when its super late after work and not in a mood to ask and invite and look around for a lobby etc. And its punishing to miss a raid.

I think it could have solo raids and also you could create a public global lobby where all players would see a started lobby if its set to public.

Anyways, just wanted to add another coin into solo raid options. Let us choose our own 4 dinos etc.

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Honestly, thinking about this, I would settle for the host being allowed to bring two creatures to the raid (effectively filling up two slots), as a possible alternative to solo raiding.

Simple reason if you could solo raid why need others? What incentive are there for the top players who love PvP and raid only for the exclusive DNA to help others?

If I could solo raid, I could beat every raid boss myself, I dun need an alliance or external communication. Just play by myself and be happy. No pressure to have to push for missions or hit 10 takedowns. Just me raiding daily when I feel like it. No pressure to have to help others because we alliance mates and that is what we do.