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Solo Raiding

  1. The alliances could make it a requirement for their top players who can solo raid to help some of their other members, unless there are mitigating circumstances.
  2. If players who can solo raid still want to participate in early Raids when the Boss itself is not yet available in their own timezone, it’d be a good idea to keep the players who already do have access to them and need help on your friend’s list.

Besides, what about the players who are missing out on Raids because their invitations are ignored, refused, bugged, or the people on their friends’ list are unavailable for any reason? Should they just get left in the dust because no one wants to or can help them?

And…what does this even mean? What do the alliance missions have anything to do with the Raids?

No no too much. Yes and it has a commradery to it. Its great. I’d raid with alliance mates before it of course. If you had option you would really raid by yourself? I don’t think that is an optimal choice for fun or any. And I doubt that.

But just speaking for times when you get off work late and tired and almost are okay with passing for the week and everyone has already done lol, but you have to do. Finding some is not hard though, its just the option. Most couldn’t do it solo anyway and even so joining up with others would be optimal for the fun. Solo would be boring but some days lol…

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If you aren’t in an alliance why do you care about the missions?

If you aren’t in an alliance you dun need to help others. You got yourself to deal with Apex Raids. Who needs others?

One is not related to the other in the slightest.

I think the alliances is what keep this game alive. Doing raid alone will likely contribute to kill this aspect, and as such, kill the game. You cannot raid without your team currently, even if you have high level Maxima, Gemini, Tenon, and all the dinos needed for a raid. If tomorrow most high level players start doing raids on their own, lower level players will likely have such a hard time doing raids that the game will trickle down and die.

Maybe you’re just in a bad alliance? I do 30 raids every day to help my fellow alliance members. It’s not that hard to get one going in a good alliance.


I genuinely do not understand where this line of thinking is coming from, I really don’t. Are most high level players really just selfish people who would abandon everyone else if the option to solo raid or bring in multiple creatures were made available, and I’ve just been dumb enough to think that every high level player I’ve met on Discord and raided with enjoys helping out other players, when they actually don’t? Because, in my experience, it does seem like a lot of them, myself included, actually don’t mind helping the lower level players out.

I happen to be co-leader of a good alliance, and I happen to like them and I happen to want to actually help them considering most of them are low level players with only one or two creatures who meet the requirements for some of the Apex raid strats. They aren’t the problem, the real problem is that I can’t help them as much as I would like to because I have to rely on players who aren’t in my alliance, some of whom can’t really do anything because they don’t have the one dino needed for the strat (which I can’t and don’t blame them for), and others flat out refuse the invitation (which I do take slight issue with) when, if I had the option to, I could just fill in the other slot(s) with the creature(s) I need myself and not force anybody else who did join to have to wait in the hopes that others will answer the invite.

Always been a fan of things that scale their difficultly to increase the challenge so I definitely second this!

Big fan of Diablo 3 here :wink:


But it can come in both ways. I would also like to go solo.

Everyone: playing 4 healers

apexes, that won’t work, yes

Two Touramolochs and two Tenontorexs might be able to pull it off.

Fully boosted of course.

Probably have to ride RNG. Its quite limited in use due to lack of sweeper attacks.

It’s not for me to say what will and won’t work. Players can try what they want.

Give us the possibility to play alone with 4 creatures of ours, add the bosses in the menu, there are days that certain bosses do not appear on the map, not even in the game circle.
Why do I have to wait for someone else to invite me to a raid, when one could do it quietly alone without having to wait for others, apart there are people who when they have already done a raid are not willing to do it again, since the rewards are also rare, there are people who use creatures that are not for certain bosses, so if they made the option to play alone it would be very useful for many people.

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I totally agree, most days you only have 1-2 bosses around, and it’s often the same. This way it is impossible to play, coordinating with 3 other people is complicated unless you have real friends with whom you can meet. It would be ideal if you could start a raid at any time regardless of whether the boss is in your action radius, and that you could use several of your own dinosaurs and then 1-2 friends alone