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Solution for accidental purchases

Since i recently lost 10,000 HC to accidental purchases of epic Incs (+ some minor purchases of scents), because my charging cable imitated my finger on my screen, and customer support of course saw no possibility of reversing those purchases, I thought of a way to make the whole system a little bit more customer friendly. This happend to lots of players and many spent a whole lotta HC on stuff they didn’t want. A confirmation button was suggested before, but it seems the Devs didn’t jump on on that.

My solution: Transform Incubators and other stuff you can buy in the store into Items, to be used later from the inventory. And if accidental purchases were made those Items could be sold again if not used, for the full or at least the half price. That way missuse of an “undo mechanic” can be circumvented, because for example you still don’t know what is in an epic Inc until you actually use that Item. And since the purchase and the use of an Item are in completly different user interfaces, accidental, unrevertable purchases can be reduced to a minimum.

Thoughts on that?

Can someone of the Mods, like @Ned, maybe pass that input on to the Devs?


That will never happen. There’s a reason there is no confirmation button on anything but real money purchases. It’s designed that way to take advantage of mistakes.

We can ask for it till the cows come home, but they’ll never change it because it is working the way they want to work. They want us to spend real money, and this is one of those ways they try to increase purchases. It’s a slimy way to do business, but that’s Ludia.

Hey Planck, I can definitely pass that along to our team. Thank you.

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In the first place, I know what hurts that. Ludia also scammed me 9000 HC and also the technical service treated me in a bad way.

The solution that you give is one more solution of the many proposals but it is evident that Ludia prefers not to find a solution and to continue cheating.

There would be a simpler solution. A configuration button in which you could mark that you do not want to buy anything or, in particular, incubators. It’s that simple. If someday you want to buy something exceptional, you should only activate and deactivate it later. We have a lot of nonsensical setups and this would come in handy.