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Solution for battle droppers sugestion


I think each arena should have a maximum dino level
Even if i had a 30 indoraptor and dropped to badlands the maximum on the indo will be lets say 15
They could have brackets for each arena
Badlands 15
Sorna 22
This will give the droppers a better thinking
How long will take me to go up again
And fair matches for everyone
This is just my opinion

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This game could have a lot of things.

The problem is, they can’t even keep the current things working.


I wouldn’t mind a level cap tied to the arena. I had a very hard time breaking into Lockdown because of massively overpowered creatures, and I can’t get above 2600 for the same reason. Especially frustrating when every player had a completely identical team for a while there (Stygimoloch, Alanqa, Suchotator, T-Rex) - although I’d take that again if it meant something other than the new standard team of Indominus, Velociraptor, Miragaia and Dracoceratops, all level 20.

The current matching algorithm definitely makes it very easy for advanced players to crush newer players which isn’t a lot of fun. I don’t bother to battle at all anymore (just focus on collecting) and I’m sure there are plenty of other players ready to give up altogether.

A level cap would go a long way to helping keep the experience enjoyable.


I thought of, instead of level-locked dinos how about level-locked PLAYER LEVELS. I honestly don’t know why, but in my head it sounds cool but I’m stumped trying to explain it, I’ll probably get back to it sooner or later…


Simplest solution:
Reward irritator DNA on a daily basis based on arena level. (arena 1:50, 2:100 and so on) :smiley:


Just lock players out of lower arenas, except first arena under current one.

@guarou I’m bouncing between Lockwood and Aviary and I’m getting nice amount of Irritator DNA. No need to drop.


So, I couldnt have my beautiful 17 mirigia???
She’s a live saver. AND a troublemaker…