Solution to Balance Advantage Tourneys

Now, we all know how many unfair matchups we get during advantage tourneys. Especially during those unique ones.
The thing is you win one or 2 battles, and then you fight level 30 creatures. That to me seems unfair to most of the playerbase.
My solution for this is simple. Matchmaking will be based on your PVP ranking.
What will happen here is say, you’re in the Aviary, and you have a team ranging from level 23- 25. Your at 4750 trophies. Now, in regular PVP, you’ll probably fight someone who has around 4800ish trophies. So, in tourney you’ll fight players that are around your trophy count( high score).
While this will help in more balanced matchmaking, it will also speed up player progression in tourney. That’s why, once you pass 1000 trophies, the opponents will get stronger. If you’re at 5000 trophies in PVP, you’ll fight players at maybe 5300 trophies.
That’s my suggestion. If you have anything you want to say, just type it down below. Thanks for reading!


Arena is arena and tournament is tournament. I don’t want one ranking blend with another.


The point of an Advantage tournament is exactly what it states: to have an advantage, to have the upper hand, to have the edge over your opponent. Balance, which is basically the opposite of advantage, is the core intention of the Skill tournaments. Everyone is on even ground.

For lower level players the advantage tournament is difficult, but not impossible to gain points. You need to build your team up to perform better. However, as you build your team up, so does everyone else. I used to get whooped by stronger teams when I was lower level, and guess what? I still do, even though I am now a level 20 player with level 27-30 boosted dinos.

That being said, with the correct dino selection and the knowledge of how to use your dinos effectively, you can sometimes gain you the upper hand, even against stronger opponents.

Advantage is advantage, there is no balance to it, and there shouldn’t be.

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