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Solution to fighting Thoro

For me at least…

  1. Join battle
  2. Opponent brings out ridiculously over juiced Thoro
  3. Close JWA app
  4. Wait 5-10 min
  5. Open app again
  6. Join a new battle

Not ideal and you lose some trophies but at least I don’t get ticked off this way…


with a super juiced Thoro you can open the app in 2-3 minutes again :smiley:


Thor even boosted shouldn’t be that tough anymore unless the opponent completely outmatches you. Of course the way matchmaking is working now that’s completely possible


true, the big problem now is still matchmaking in Aviary. I really hope this issue will get sorted out soon.

Hahaha yes true!

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So your solution is to close the app every single time you battle?? :smile:


2-3 min is more realistic

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Feels like it hahaha

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I mean it’s also annoying to the other person but okay.

  1. Open JWA
  2. Start match
  3. Look for little orange speed arrow above enemy Thor
  4. If speed arrow is above Thor but none of your dinosaurs GOTO 6 else continue to 5
  5. Play match
  6. Close game
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If a Thor now outspeeds your whole team you have bigger issues than Thor alone.

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Exactly right, it means the other player spent way more and you never had a chance, my point stands lol

It means you spent nothing even the free boosts they gave you or you run the slowest team ever fielded.

If you can’t outspeed a T5 Thor you’re doing it wrong and it’s not Thor

A tier 5 Thor is a whopping 127 speed. If you can’t go faster than that you should close the game. Don’t bother opening it either

I only just unlocked Erlidom yesterday after playing off and on since almost the start, so it’s highly likely hehe.

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You’ll find great use in that. Make them pay for all that singular investment. I’m rooting for you

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Thanks, had 16 matches since unlocking it but it’s been selected in 4 matches lol, it’s like they don’t want me to use it haha.

In its first match it got one shotted through cloak by a Thor haha :rofl:

Edit: I was faster though.

You’ll find a nice win% with it, keep the faith. I run it to great results. You will too.

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Thor is no longer a worry,

Have you seen the dilo’s & rinex’s running rampant,

Balance is far better now…
Onto match making.

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Matchmaking is a big issue.

The trophy results from those matches are too imo