Solution to Spoofing


I have an idea that may solve the spoofing issue and still allow those who are unable to get out to obtain dinos without a ban threat to play the game.

In my previous article of For Those Who Think the Game is “Ruined”, I explained several reasons of why people would spoof legitamately:
“…Let’s look at legitimate reasons why people may Spoof:
• Immobility - perhaps they were mobile at one point and something happened that caused them not to be as mobile as before; perhaps they’re immobile from the start but want to play the game because they love Jurassic Park or dinos in general
• Weather - extreme heat and cold puts anyone at risk, even if you take great precautions
• Safety Issues - there may not be any safe places to walk at any point of day or simply lack of sidewalks; no one wants to hunt dinosaurs in breakdown lanes
• Jobs - people work, it’s a fact, and most parks close at sundown. But jobs don’t always end once you’re out…
• Family - this one’s obvious. Whether it’s kids or an ailing relative.”

And then I touched base on illigetimate reasons:
“…Let’s take a look at inexscusable reasons:
• Laziness - smh
• Impatience - we live in a generation thar’s all about having some now, with no waiting or anything, they want it NOW. This is not how anything in life works. If you don’t work for it, you don’t profit. Period.
• Because they can - …no.”

It’s a widely debated issue. But there are those who would love to play the game because they love Jurassic Park/World, because they love dinosaurs, and they can’t for whatever real reason. I realize there are cheaters out there who will teleport anywhere in the world just so they can create their Irex or Iraptor. They are the ones who ruin the game. So for this, I have an idea that even Ludia would be able to keep track of.

Let Spoofing be a thing, but limit the range. If a player goes outside this range, they get reprimanded.

What’s the range? The whole state the player lives in (California getting halved since it is the largest state, maybe Texas and New York, too), and maybe one neighboring state (other halves cannot be chosen). For example, you live in Vermont, you have a couple neighboring states, you can pick either New York or New Hampshire, but you’re locked to that state. Choosing the other state is no longer an option. You cannot pick a state that does not neighbor yours, for example, you live in Rhode Island and you spoof to Idaho; automatic punishment.

I think this would be a nicer way of doing things, allowing the real players who don’t cheat a way to play so they’re not chained to their limitations.

As for punishments, this could be the system:

  1. First offense: Warning + 1hr ban
  2. Second offense: Second Warning + 4hr ban
  3. Third offense: Final Warning + 8hr ban
  4. Fourth offense: Full Reset + refund as Dino Cash + 24hr ban
  5. Spoofing to Another Country: Automatic Full Reset, no refunds
  6. Repeated Offenses After Reset: Complete Ban

This could be a good solution if Ludia allows it. I think it’s a good idea, and could change the course for similar games.


Spoofing is against the rules & the spirit of the game. Yes, some are not able to go out and play. That’s life. You can’t do want you want. Rules state that spoofing is against the rules. You get caught, you get banned. Plain & simple.

When people do it, they know it’s against the rules. Companies that make other GPS location games ban those who spoof. This should be no different.

Zero Tolerance.


Becomes a little more complicated for players outside the US as well. I’m from the US, so I see what you’re saying, but I live in the UK and unless you tried to do the same with counties (which aren’t really) comparable, I don’t see how it would be easily applicable to other countries.


This is true, but maybe something could be set up in a way that mimics states. I don’t really know how other countries work in that regard (like would France be a state, for example).


You got a nice cold, black heart, don’t ya? Why do you think people want Ludia to set something up so those who love the game can play? It’s obvious it’s becoming stronger than PoGo if immobile players want to experience thus game. And if you read the article, you’d see they could implement restrictions. If they can set up Zones, they can set up this.


The solution to spoofing is to start the bans. I live in California and go out in 110+ degree weather some days to hunt, so I have no sympathy for those who complain about weather preventing them from getting outside. It’s a game that’s all about going around and collecting dinos. People know what they’re getting into when they start playing.


How is that fair :joy: Alaska is like 7 times the size of the entire uk


The real solution would be for Ludia to increase the amount of dinos on the map. I went out last night and night hunting has just become pathetic. For the hour and a half I was out, I might have seen 2 proximity spawns. It’s just an empty map with some junk dinos scattered here and there. This is the kind of stuff that makes people want to spoof.


Another one with a super black heart. Nice.


I will agree the spawns have drastically gotten worse.


The only way I’ll be ok with people spoofing is if they want to all pitch in and raise $20 a week to cover my gas costs while they sit comfortably at home doing what I’m spending money to do. You can call it a black heart but I call it an empty wallet.


Alaska’s that big? (20 chars)


Because you know, I’m backing cheaters when I’m thinking about those who can’t handle extremes and have gealth issues but still want to play.


The rules are the rules for the game. If you dont like a games rules dont play

I dont mind going against people with lvl 24+ teams if they paid for it but someone who spoofed their dna for that…yeah no and if you think “certain people should be able to” well that opens the door for everyone cause then all of a sudden everyone is wheel chair bound


Why do you think I said they could include ranges?


you can keep suggesting ideas…
but they will never listen about that.

you will think me a wierd person…
but you can trust this one.


It’s like almost 650 square miles the UK is about 90 square miles


Well, like I sais to someone else, I don’t know how other countries work, but I’m sure they could come up with something.


Youre asking them to do rocket science


No kidding. I think everyone’s skipped over the whole RANGE thought. I even included consequences for crossing them.