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Solution to the Meta

Since everyone is using creatures with swap-in abilities, we need some more counters. It’s just so annoying when you’re about to win, your opponent swaps in to a rat or rhino, even Ceramagnus. We need more creatures with anti-swap abilities since most creatures are immune or resistant to swap prevention. Some ideas are:

On Escape Invincibility
On Escape Dodge(100% chance to dodge)
On Escape Dig In
On Escape Taunting Shields
On Escape Venomous Strike( Targets creature that gets swapped in. Ex: Opponent has trex, swaps to rhino, rhino gets hit by venomous strike before it does swap in ability.)

Here are some nerfs for those OP creatures.

Thos has GSI and GDSR becuase a regular Fierce Rampage has only a cooldown of 1, where GDSR has a cooldown of 2.

Some creatures with these new anti-swap abilities could be the weaker epics or rares, even some new creatures.

If you have any ideas, list them below!

I had some anti swapper move ideas to discourage swappers:
Welcoming devastation(when opponent dino swaps in your dino attack dealing 3x dmg)
Welcoming distraction(when opponent dino swap in your dino will reduce the opponent attack by 100% until the opponent is knocked out)
Welcoming critical rampage(when opponent dino swaps in your dino increases crit chance by 100%and does a rampage
Welcoming dot(when opponent dino swaps in your dino inflicts dot 30% of hp on the opponent
Lasting 3 turns)
Welcoming takedown(when opponent dino swaps in your dino would strike rending 50%
Of opponent hp)
Welcoming vulnerability(when opponent dino swaps in your dino will infilct vulnerability debuff until the opponent is knocked out)
Welcoming stun(when opponent dino swap in your dino infl8cts stun debuff until the opponent is knocked out)

All of these welcoming moves will also infilct swap prevention on the opponent dino that last for 5 turn so they can’t contiously swap in and out to remove the debuffs

I’m thinking one easy solution is for swapping dinos to lose priority, that way instant moves would go before the swap Dino, you could take it a step further & if the swapping Dino is slower than the 1 that’s in then it still goes 2nd obeying the speed who goes first rule. I think introducing new moves complicate the situation & a simple change to the rules on swapping is all it needs imo.


I have 3 solutions:
1-Bring on escape to half of the creatures
2-Bring “On entry” which reduce and counter attack to half of the creatures
3-Once the swap in damage is done,self stun the creature for 1 turn


I think the self stun is good. But what about those creatures with stun immunity or resistance?

I agree, they should lose priority

Simple,stun it in any cases,even if stun immune.
When DC do a swap in,he is stun locked even if he is stun immune?It will be the exact same case

So if the swap meta is here to stay, and we all know it is, some changes to on escape styles moves would be a welcome addition to the strategy of the game however they can’t break the game in the other direction. On escape devastation is probably too much but on escape rampage would be good as your opponent has to decide if they will risk it. I’d love to see distraction and 100% dodge moves gain a foot hold and on viable dinos so it makes a difference in the end game. Let’s hope they’re listening because as is the game is unhealthy and getting worse