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Solution to time out losses


Anyone else COMPLETELY sick and tired of losing match after match to time out issues?

Why not just add a button to the pre-battle screen that each player has to press to validate that they are in fact present and ready to battle? That way if someone is having time out issues the battle wont continue without them since they are unable to click that button.


I’d like the option to fight a bot from the get-go and pass on all the matchmaking nonsense. I just want incubators because dinos are locked behind the arena exclusive wall. I could not care less about trophies.


the problem is, the game is not responding to you at all at this point. a button would be useless when all other buttons arent responding.


Do what I’m going to do soon if they don’t resolve the issue quickly.

Stop playing.

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Hard to believe it’s connection issues on the end user side.

I’m on Verizon with 4G and full bars.

I get booted mid battle, and the battle starts without me.

That rarely happened pre 1.7


Yeah, it’s not end-user, was that something Ludia said? I have practically sat on top of my router with wifi and been disconnected over and over.


This is annoying, been losing battle after battle due to this issue. Is ludia ever going to fix this?


Not a bad idea, but considering how often I don’t even get a functional timer screen, not really an option. Ludia really needs to fix this mess.


Sometimes I get booted mid battle but what I do is immediately restart the app and when I load in, i get back into the same battle and I can finish it.

I agree that the battle system needs to be better optimized because of all the bugs but I won’t stop playing.


Quickly finding a match that goes start to finish without either player being booted due to connection errors is the highest rarity item in the whole game right now.


I agree. From what I understand, the response game expects is automatically generated.
If it were user generated, maybe the time outs would be scarcer.

However, I suspect that the problem is in the exception handling. The problem occurs if the game disconnects after the initial response. In that case, even if the user pushed the button that he is present,and then disconnects, the match would continue.

One thing I propose is to reduce the countdown. Two minutes is too long. Game usually stops counting at 1:02 anyway. And since the new update, usually when the counter goes below that point, it means that I am disonnected and that the match has already begun without me. The wating for the opponent screen should not be longer than 30 seconds IMO.