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Solutions for thoradolosaur

Hello, I want to propose things for thoradolosaur
First, he will need to be better that allosinosaurus, because allo is his “father”, and how can be:
Get 15% armour
Buff attack to 1800 or 1850 or 1900
Speed can be the same.

Then, he needs a good rampage:

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Armor piercing rampage, so that he will not be that OP, but loses it value in raids, so give him the group shattering impact back.

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give him a group rampage and don’t affect impact, the rampage will not have delay, but battling with tanks will be harder.

  1. List item

change instant charge to stunning impact:(the one the bosses have) and leave attacks like they are now.

And, personally I would like thora to have a group shattering strike like the one of entelodontidae members.

What change you want
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  • 2nd option
  • 3rd option
  • 4th option(in comments)

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What do you think of the changes?
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I feel like if we’re discussing solutions for Thor, we need to establish what the problems with Thor (if any) are.

For me, it’s a mixed bag of traits that make it strong in some areas and weak in others. I’m not sure I would change anything about it. I don’t particularly care either way whether or not it got armor. The only nerf/change I would make is changing Instant Charge to Greater Stunning Strike or Impact, since the instant Charge is key for finishing off many cunnings that should be countering Thor, but then it might need a buff to compensate. But at the same time, I don’t really think it needs any changes right now.


Thor is fine as is


Thor is not overpowered, in fact it’s quite the contrary. It’s only ‘OP’ because of boosts. Any Spyx that is faster than it shuts it down

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Thora is not fine, un the tier list,he is worst than allosinosaurus, and he is the hybrid of allosino

Which tier list are you reading? Thor is fine in the current meta. Additionally, thor is in a unique and apex meta, while allosino is often only seen in legendary metas, so right off the bat you’re not comparing apples to apples. As soon as you leave the skill tournament setting, it’s even more clear that a boosted thor is extremely viable. The biggest issue thor suffers from (and needs a buff for) is speed, and it’s because of boosts that it is stuck at an awful 105. If it outsped common resilients like tryko and dioraja it would be even more clear that it was in a fine spot in the meta (which it already does because people boost thor to perform that role).

Id like a mixture of options 1 and 3. So that Thor can have the power in raids it had originally. Additionally, getting rid of an instant move would help shift him away from taking down faster cunnings and bring him more in line of being a pure fierce. I believe this is more important if there would be a buff to his damage like you proposed.


Remove his bleed and swap immunities. The moveset on Thor is fine. It’s mainly because of the boosts that make it OP.

To be clear, thor needs a buff and speed boosts need a nerf. Thor is one of the most pure and vulnerable uniques in the game. It is ONLY propped up by being stupidly OP once it gets too much speed…an issue I’m not sure ludia is ever really going to be able to solve given the money folks have spent on it.

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As things stand there is no way Thor needs a buff.

It beats Mortem every time in a 1vs1 thanks to its IC, and all the time it has that move it will be a pain to deal with.

The talk of how it’s not much good without boosts is entirely pointless as no one runs an unboosted Thor.

It’s a really easy to fuse unique and given the fact that it’s most players first unique to begin applying boosts on, I fail to see why anyone would suggest it needs a buff. It’s still used by many of the top 50 players so it’s hardly lacking anything is it?

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Aside from being rather frail and the most one dimensional unique with a crappy speed tier? It’s fine

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I think it should get Gsi back. It’s fine as it is, it’s really not that good, I know cuz mines unboosted, but it can be a monster with instant charge but that’s also the only thing is has from sino

I mean you can see how bad it is in skill tournaments, it’s solidly outclassed and outsped by almost everything relevant in the format. Any buff to thor (which I agree is probably the lowest balance priority ludia should focus on) should come with a corresponding nerf to the feature it leans most heavily on: boosts (specifically speed). I wonder if it’s worth proposing a 200 point speed scale just to see thor never again outspeed cunning creatures at 145 speed.


I think changing Instant Charge to a non-priority move might actually discourage nitro boosting. Currently, even if cunnings are faster than it, a good Thor can usually use Instant Charge to often kill the cunning first. Spyx only counters it due to high health and instant distraction. Granted, that’s the only part of Thor that I think is overtuned, everything else about it is pretty mediocre. So they would probably have to buff it in other ways if they did change that.


The problems with Thor kind of reflect a long-standing issue with the speed boosts. Frankly, the speed stat (as someone else mentioned a few months ago on forums) needs to be percentage based, not a static number increase like it is.

The only buff it otherwise needs is 75% Resistance to Stun and Fierce Impact should be returned to Group Shattering Impact like it was before.


I can understand the bleed, but why the swap?

Exactly, a lot of issues would be solved If speed boosts were reworked. Either by the way you suggested by percentage, or by making It a total of 20 points instead of 40, that way no slow resilient or fierce creatures would ever outspeed fast cunning creatures even If max speed boosted. And then Thor could get a deserved buff, cause as we know, without this particular boost system, it’s an incredibly mediocre unique, mostly useless in tournaments.


On the one hand I see your point, but on the other hand a slow stunning move sounds terrifying on a thor, even moreso on a fast one who can use it to basically get 1.5x damage (if replaced with stunning impact) for free. The blessing of IC is that it’s 1x damage and the stun usually doesn’t mean you’re a sitting duck on your next turn. I think you and I should probably think about making speed stats larger for cunning’s before touching Thor :sweat_smile:

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Here is my thoughts on Thor and speed boosts. Thor is ok. It’s not horrible, but it certainly isn’t a monster unboosted. But as stated before, almost no one actually uses an unboosted Thor (I have seen 1 in Aviary so far). However, if a GSS was added to it, that could help it against faster resilient creatures, plus it would allow more cunning counters. Now with speed boosts, I think that instead of a percentage system, we could just do with the speed increasing by one per boost. This would force Thor to slow down to a mere 125 max boosted speed, which is slower that almost every cunning creature in the game.

To many creatures have Swap Prevention Immunity. Besides, his counterparts didn’t have it.

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