Solutions to hard Arenas

We all play hard Arenas I can’t play JURASSIC WORLD ALIVE in those Arenas very well,Plz help me.

Please help me with giving me tips to battle in endgame.

Why do we always lose in PVP.

What arena r u in and what’s ur team? Idk, I’m not great with tips but I’d like to help if I can

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I am in Badlands

I have Indominus,Trex,Thor,Spinotasuchus,Tryko,
Indoraptor gen2,Monostegotops and Velosharcus.

You have Thor and Tryko in Badlands? :flushed:
I was using a team of freshly-created Epics and Rares in Badlands. The game has changed a lot since then.


Yes Thor and Tryko.

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Maybe you aren’t endgame if still having problems with strategy…

But the problem may be matchmaking, unbalanced dinos, the will of Ludia of not doing anything at all.

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Ok thanks.

Uniques in badlands?

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Yes but still not able to win.

What lvl are u?

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  1. Lvl is mine

It’s very hard to win

Honestly I was barely unlocking rare and epic hybrids at the time a legendary was a sight to behold back in my day :man_white_haired:


Oh I didn’t know it.