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Solutions to tournament issues

I wanted to start a productive conversation about solutions to the issues of not only the rush tourney but tourneys in general. Ive been thinking about it and imho most of the ideas, level caps or arena locking, are far too flawed and would punish players for having lucky runs or finding enough DNA to level 1 specific dino faster than others. I keep getting pulled back to 1 idea that I personal dont like but I think is the only fair answer. The tournaments need to be a seperate arena with dinos all level 26 and everyone starts at 0. No dropping, no advantage to spoofers, a larger pool of players with the resources to compete and nobody who doesnt want to compete has to. My only negative to this is dividing where you spend your arena time. None of us has considered every possibility and someone may see a flaw I dont but I would love to here some viable answers.