Solve Stun problem

Can u solve stun problem … my dino was stunnig 3 turns… I will delete for this reason… stopp and solve… pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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Hey, I have the solution, youre in luck… Go to the App store and uninstall the game, then hit “search” and type in c a n d y c r u s h. Install it and no more stun problems… Promise


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i think he was still stunned from 1.4 and just got unstuned now lol

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I am playing candy crush … I have to play my old games… battle camp…

My game is 1.5

which dino stunned you 3 times in a row?

Use all immune dino you have. Then no more slower, distracting, bleeding, abd stuned. :joy::joy::joy:

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Rajaklasaurus and stegodeus

He ask you wicth dino stuned your dino 3 turn. Not dino get stunedman.

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I got stunned today trying to figure out if wounding would kill the 2 lvl 30 cunning creature dinos today :joy: