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[Solved] How to remove JWA account?


Does anyone know how to finally remove one’s own account, including history, in the game?

I did not find an option to remove my account in the game.


Hey JurassicRemy, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can assist you further with this? Thanks!

Thank you, Ned, for your reply.

I am not asking how to contact the support team.

I want to know how someone can completely remove his account, including history, in the game.


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And you will get your answer from support team

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So creating an account in JWA is simple (just registering with an e-mail address) is simple and asking the way to unregister, and to remove associated informations, needs to contact a support team?

This should be easier, IMO.

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BTW, I have just asked the support team about the possibility to do this.

It’s a shame that there is no option in the game to completely remove one’s own account.

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Because someone would complain it’s too close to the “ban draco” button.


Hi Baryonix

Thanks for your reply.

What do you mean by “ban draco” button?

An option to remove account could be present in the account parameters. I’ve seen that in other apps.


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Dracorex gen 2, along with dracoceratops, is severely hated.
It has a very op attack, and it needs a nerf.
I was just trying to make a joke about it.

But why would you want to remove your history? Just uninstall the game.

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Yes, Baryonyx, I know.

I love Draco when she is in my team, and I love to play with her, and I hate it when my opponent has Draco in his/her team and I don’t have her :-).

But that’s not the point. My point is: how can someone remove his/her own account in JWA, and every associated information (including email address) in JWA?


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But why would you want to remove the history, email, and the account?
To remove your account, just uninstall the game.

Maybe contact Ludias support team, and they’ll have an answer.

If I want to remove all info, I’d just go to the settings for the app, and clear all data.

Uninstaling the game would just clear information on my smartphone. Not on ludia’s servers.

There should be a way to delete the informations on the server side. European laws require it.

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And BTW I have contacted the support team

Got it. But Ludia is a Canadian company and Canadian law requires that audit trails remain on their servers for potential liability inquiries.

Got it too. Thanks.

European consumers are protected by european laws :slight_smile:

Exactly. But Ludia has no nexus in Europe and you “reached out” to Canada to apply data on their servers, for lack of a better term.

Lol this is not hard to figure out. Email them. They will delete ur account. Done. Literally that easy. If u already emailed them just wait. Ur thinking way too hard

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