Some adjustments

Ok, guys, you are trying to make the game balanced and I get it, and its nice that you do it but please dont just throw things to the wall and add what sticks, so here are a few suggestions

BUFF the Abelisaurids, they were fast predators for their size it makes no sense thata stegosaurs and ceratopsids can outspeed them either buff their speed just enough so they can outspeed them since those two groups can outdamage the abelisaurids, Buff spinosaurids damage a little not much but just enough to make them more usefull, late game only the pyrritaror is spinosaurid representativr and its only because its a raptor, Buff Blue, for a super special dino Blue is incredibly weak, either give her another attack option, buff her damage a little of buff her laughable armor to at least 20%

NERFS For the love of everything take away Superiority Strike from Stegos, with that attack one has only a single option to take them down and its overpower them which is pretty hard considering they hit hard and are faster than the dinos that can take a hit and dish enough damage, most inmune creatures cant take two hits from a Stego of the same level let alone higher and if one is unlucky enough to eat a crit thagomizer the Stego will most likely damage the team enough so the other dinos can easily kill your team or decrease their damage a little


Ok this one is a big problem, you see its nice when you guys try to do something to motivate people to fight more, and the Battle Incubatots are a good idea but 7 out of 10 times you will get a Purrasaurs dna which is worthless past Nublar Jungle, fighting 10 dinos get tiring especially wwhen more often than not one is pitted against dinos who are 3 to 5 levels above our own and it would be better if the DNA was worth it