Some advice from more experienced players?


I am in Badlands and getting my butt kicked! Working with what I currently have, are there any dinos that I should try using to maybe win a bit more often? Thank you for any responses.


your total damage output is low and your health pool isnt so great either. i would recommend
instead of stigy,play amargocephalus
instead of procerato, play another trex esq dinosaur (like allosaurus or gorgosaurus etc. (high damage low speed tank busters))
also dont level up your stego any further keep some for stegodeus


second picture



Thanks so much Tsuki I appreciate it, for my hitter is my allo or gorgo good enough to be put in yet?


oh i havent seen your back roster when i wrote that. gorgosuchus for sure. get in gorgo and amargocephalus and remove stigy and procerato. if you dont enjoy playing 4 tanks, you can always remove sinoceratops for blue,possimetrodon and even maybe rajasaurus
also postimetrodon might be better than secodontosaurus just sayin’


Thank you :smile: Now to learn how to use these new ones! I just created a Nodoapato but the poor guy probably isn’t much use yet at level 11


no actually nodopato is great. if your stego wasnt so overleveled i would say run stegocera,amargocepha and nodopato as your 3 tanks, blue and velociraptor as your 2 raptors, trex and gorgosuchus as your 2 tank busters and either postimetrodon as third tank buster or rajasaurus as your utility slot


i always keep my teams like this :
at least 3 tanks
at least 2 tank busters
at least 1 raptor
2 utility spots
you can use these 2 utility spots any way you want. whatever the meta of your arena wants you can have these 2 slots change. you see too many tanks get 2 more tank busters or if your meta has more raptors play the 4th tank. dont play more than 4 dinos of the same class


Here is my team if that would help


Your team is just awesome! After studying the information and learning the names of a few dinos (haha) ive got this, this looks better? :slight_smile:


When I was in badlands I loved mono personally!


seems really nice actually. can carry you over a few arenas .


before superiority strike? yeah it was dope. but after superiority strike it sucks :frowning:


Yeah fair point. I used to love reducing players damage to 0 :joy: those were the days where raptors would win 3-0 though.


then the fire natio… i mean superiority strike attacked


:joy: Yeahh I hate it. My stegod is 24 and I really wished they nerfed it more than they did. Made little to no difference really. Trag is an easy kill now.


stegod should not have superiority imo


Agreed. Health was fine just take that damn move off it :joy: sick of seeing the thing