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Some advice please

Hello, since 2.0 my team has been destroyed in several PvP battles, i lost 200 trophies and sometimes i chain 5-6 loosing matches. I need some advice, what should i swap? Actually in Aviary, 4.600 trophies.

Indom is better than indo now as she can break shields and cant be slowed.
erlidom is more situational because of resilient abilities.
Thor is, imo, worse than allosino now. it’s slower, has less health, less attack, no armor, and lost its rampage.

if you can get Maxima she’ll be a huge help. and tenontorex is an all around good damage dealer to work towards.

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Indo, Thor and Monomimus are weak in this meta

I recommend to replace them to Tryko and Maxima cuz they’re the best dinos in 2.0

And add a bleeders to counter them like Thyla or Vexus

Erlidom isn’t that good also I’d say Magna is better but Idk if you have enough resources to create them

Level Monolometrodon, it’s great now.

Ardonto is strong, but you should really save for Max instead. Best creature in the game.

Save your boost. Pho and Monolometrodon can have some, the rest should wait.

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Thanks guys for the advices, i will follow it and make some changes. Also i’m working on Tenonto and Ardentismaxima, but Tryko is already very far.

Monomimus is decent because there is only speed decreases that actually takes it out

What arena are you in because if your around low aviary dilophoboa might do well because you can spam cunning strike and you won’t take damage unless they cleanse it

I don’t know why everyone is poopooing Thor in 2.0. Still scares me every time it comes in the arena. Either because they’re all still boosted, or because he just looks so darn angry.