Some advise for my team

Hi all,

A newby player here.
Looking for some advise for to improve my team. Honestly I do not know in which dino’s to invest.

Please let me know on which dino’s to focus.

In the picture below my current team.

Thank you all in advance.

Thylacotator, Monolometrodon, and Sarcorixis are very good creatures. Try to invest in them. Also since we have Maiasaura this weekend, you should attempt to phorusaura as it is incredibly powerful. Oh one important thing, you need resilient creatures in your team. I suggest you to get an ardontosaurus (you will need more secondonto) or stegodeus.

Also, since many creatures haven’t changed much from 2.0, you could take a look at the category tier lists

ajrocks, thanks for you response!
Why you prefer stegodeus above gigaspikasaur?

Well i use my stegodeus (level 19) but i don’t have a gigaspikasaur. But from what i’ve heard stegodeus is better

Have you tried brachi? I’ve been having success with him in the lower arenas… Gotta take it to 20 anyway so your maximizing your coins.

Evicton, thanks for your response. I put Brachi in the team, lvl 16 at the moment. But definitely a good choice due to the fact to level up Brachi to 20 for Ardentismaxima.

But what is the difference between Phorusaura and Monomimus?

Needed to have 2 resilient dino’s in the team?

Phorusaura is the best legendary in the game now

Resilient is the strongest of the three right now…

pho ability to instant rampage t1 then rampage and run turn 2 makes it a really strong Dino… mono is fine for the lower arenas just not something I would take past 20 and his hybrid isn’t really that great.

All that said at some point pho will most likely get a unique could be next patch could be next year never know so taking it past 20 is a gamble. When it gets its unique it could get nerfed… then again it could be one of those exceptions where the legendary is better then the unique.

It’s always a good idea to play the lower arenas with your future team in mind. Building your team up to 20 with components that make uniques is an efficient way to do it when the component is good.


Which one between: Stegodeus, Monostegotops, Ankyntrosaurus, or Carnotarkus?

I’d go with monostego but an argument can be made for carno as well.

Nice thing about those two is they can be strong in the legendary tournaments.

At the moment I have to following team.
Any advise for next dino’s?

Thanks in adavance!


Unlock indominus rex and replace the creature that you think it weak

You mean Indominus Rex (legendary one)?

Yea legendary one

Actually I would recommend getting Indom gen 2. It has a better kit, is easier to level, and doesn’t lose much in stats.

I second @DinosaursRCool’s suggestion. Indom G2 is better than the original in terms of versatility.
as for other legendaries, i recommend ardontosaurus, smiloceph and mamotherium as solid choices to work on.

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Agreed, mammotherium is one of the best legendaries. It’s also easy to level because of the raids. Bald cat is the only sure fire way to counter monolometrodon, so it should be a staple on your team for now.

Really that the epic version of indom is better than the legendary one?

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with a speed up+ buffing move, it allows for more versatility, even if the move is a double edge sword.