Some analysis on jwa's RNG

so here we are talking about RNG again. but this time i have some more detailed look into it. the problem isnt actually with the RNG. the problem is how it appears to be encoded in the game.

For those who dont know, RNG works kinda like this:
the program generates a random int variable (number basically) in the range of (1-100) and makes the game effect accordingly. for example when a dinosaur attacks, it calls the random integer generating function. lets say our velociraptor attacked opponents stegosaurus. before the damage is dealt, the velociraptor calls the randint function and gets a value back between 1-100. it has a crit chance of %5 so if the number it recieved has a value between 1-5, the game recognises this as a critical hit. for allosaurus this range is 1-20 since it has %20 crit chance. then comes stunning strikes. lets say we have a stegoceratops. when stegoceratops uses greater stunning strike. it calls the randint function twice. once for crit and once for stun. if the stun result is less than 75, it stuns. if the result for crit is less than 5 it crits. dodge works the same way if it is less than 50 it dodges. but what else uses this randint generator function?

May not be appereant at first, but creating hybrids also call the randint function. i dont know the exact values but for example if the value is 1-40, it gives you 10 dna. othervise if it is 41-60 it gives 20, othervise if 61-65, it gives 30 and so on. also the dinos movement as you dart it, where a dino spawns, what dino spawns, strike tower and green drop locations, drop and incubator contents all call the randint function in more complicated ways. the main problem with jwa is not that rng exists! there is a better story that makes RNG so frustrating in jwa.

Appereantly rng tends to use a similar result as what resulted in the previous call. for example if it returned 2 when it is called for the first time, it is more likely for it to return 3 that 78 in the next call. this makes things frustrating as

*multiple crits in a row from dinos with crit chance %5

*evasive stance dodging everything or nothing at all.

*creating 10 dna 8 times in a row

*all the near strike events being the same strike and other strikes being further away

*some locations having the same spawns all the time.

*the same weekly dinos appear in near green supply drops

*the list goes on and on

This also has beneficial uses for example i once created 30 dna for stegodeus 7 times in a row. also have a friendly hybrid hint: before creating any unique or legendary dinos, create some rare and epic ones beforehand to see your rng value for that time. if you get a lot of 10’s at rare creates, wait for your unique creates to evade wasting dna. ( i used this technique and i had more 40 creates than 10 creates for indoraptor). and this is the main issue because while battling, you dont want to be on the recieving end of all dodges and all crits from %5 crit dinos. so here is my suggestion to ludia. do not remove rng from the game. rng is a good and fun part of the game. just implement it better. make it so that no matter what result is returned in the first call of the function, the second call results all have a same possibility of occuring.

Sorry for long post

Edited because one paragraph appeared weird and i tried to fix it