Some April Fools Bosses

Put in some creatures you want as April Fools Bosses

First of here is my Duo for an april fools strike



Add the locusts from dominion as a boss


I would love a hummingbird as April fools
However, April fools event will have to wait for nine months

I think the tiny fliers eat little worms in their feed animations in the sanctuaries so… how about facing said invertebrate as a boss

Agreed. I also think brad, brad x and Mantacorp drones should be fools bosses

My idea for more movie reference bosses like ailurarctos represents po :

King Kong = Gigantopithecus
Alex the lion = cave lion
Penguins of Madagascar= hesperornis or one of those giant prehistoric penguins


in real life Domi’s crrrrk could work well, and as a big fan of insects, I would love to see this beetle added to the game

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The ceratasaurus would make a good april fools boss, considering how little screen time it gets.


How about Mr. DNA himself? Would be silly fun i think


I don’t know if you watched CC but it gets a ton of screen time, quite possibly more than rexy and spino

That is very true, that she got some more screen time. But between The Jurassic Parks, Camp
Cretaceous, and The Jurassic Worlds, the ceratasaurus gets not a lot of screen time overall. As a terrifying cretaceius predator, she’s reduced to being used in a “Stinky Spinosaurus poop” joke in JP3.

Everyone knows DIMORPHODON the WORST creature in this game,it’s got decent speed but awful Hp and DSIGUSTINGLY BAD Attack,so let’s make the new April Fools Boss what I call Demonic Dimorphodon

The Stats

As you can see this thing will be hard to KO,with passive damage resistances in the form of Damage Over time(It’s also supposed to have a 75% Rend resistance) and amazing moves

The Boss Fight

Ignore the 3 Dimos there are supposed to be 2

The first one is ez to KO but the second one will swap to Demonic Dimorphodon,then the real fight begins,it will start with its devour abilities and then a Ferocious Definite Rampage making most cloak strategies obsolete,then a bleed followed by a Devour,rinse and repeat,unless your at low Hp then it goes for Fierce Blitz

Also it’s size compared to Lord Lythronax

And here is how big Lord Lythronax is


This dimorphodon is H U G E

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Kairakus are also Penguins. Lol.

Continuing some for you:
Centipede - Arthropluera
Spider - Araneo
Beetle - Dung Beetle

I agree.

10 characters

Like a boss

Imagine if they added a pigeon as a boss. Just a pigeon
Not even some wild animal/creature, just. PIGEON

Description:A German shepherd that grew a little bit bigger than a triceratops and still classified as a good dog!

You fight this Apex while it’s cursed music plays in the background