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Some Balance Issues

I’ve noticed a few things lately that seem to be out of balance;

  1. I just beat two levels in Heartcoil Deeps, pretty stoked about this as it’s been about a month since I beat a level. The reward for both levels was a wooden chest. I think this is crazy because I’m nearly at the end of the adventure and I got the same reward that’s free every 4 hours? I’ve noticed this before but forgot to mention it. The rewards really don’t scale with difficulty.

  2. The common thieves tools is better than the epic alchemy kit;
    Epic item is level 2, gain 25% damage, duration 3 turns, cooldown 6 turns
    Common item is level 9, gain 50% damage, duration 3 turns, cooldown 5 turns
    The only thing that better about the epic is a few stat points, this seem backwards to me.

  3. The legendary hat for the Cleric has a cooldown of 7 turns!!! Every other hat I have can do more healing in 7 turns that the legendary one.