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Some big glitches after update

Hey there, I have yet another glitch to report, on fly this one really did effect my game play majorly. I was playing in the arena. I worked hard at getting my full streak at a perfect 5, and stayed there.

However, this evening after playing 2 arena battles, which I won, I went to the map to play a few round of a repeatable level to quickly meet Astrid’s goal of 7 games with one of each color of dragon. My team is over 5000 so it should’ve easily won the level (which is set to about 1450 or so). When the set opened up, all the enemy dragons were in top left hand corner of the screen, stacked on top of each other. It looked like one huge mess of dragons. One of them was a super rare dragon that shouldn’t have been in the repeatable level.

Anyways, the stacked dragons were impossible to beat, and I had to flee because the game got super glitchy and I was about to have my rear handed to me by an unbeatable glob of multiple dragons. After that, the game went wack. I had to shut it off and reboot it. I reopened the app, and went play a round of team play to defeat the Alpha, And after one game, went back to the arena.

When I opened up the arena, ALL of my bars suddenly went empty and trophies were taken away. I hadn’t lost a single arena game in a long time. Also, I hadn’t played an arena game, so for my trophies to be taken away AND my bars reset was a waste of all the work I did. I think the game thought the repeatable level that glitched majorly was an arena game, and then took away everything from my arena earnings despite the fact I didn’t play. Is there any way to get my bars and trophies back? If not, I understand that glitches come with the territory of updates, but I just hope that this problem doesn’t happen again.

Also, I’m still having issues with the quests disappearing after playing just one round: such as, when playing a round of “changewing homecoming” the entire challenge disappears from the menu after I complete a level, and then I’m forced to go back to the main menu, then come back to the quest menu for the quest I was participating in to return, only to have to repeat the process all over again.

Also, the game has actually been freezing form time to time, and at other times is pretty laggy. Not surprised by this as the game got a major overhaul and update, but thought this might help developers resolve any other existing problems to make gameplay better for everyone :blush:

Hopefully these problems will get resolved either now, or in a patch that will be released very soon!

Thanks for the help!

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Hey CJ_Anderson, I’m sorry to hear that you were having these issues. Our team is currently investigating and looking for a solution.

In the meantime, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to try and make this right for you.


How most Vikings lose their win streaks by playing repeatables (Video Proof)

Note: Clearly says wave 1/2 on the top, so can’t be Arena.

Hey Ned,

Ignore the message about the messages and support key disappearing. I just emailed it to you!

Thanks so much!!!

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